Xterra Fitness ERG200 Rower Reviews

Xterra Fitness ERG200 Rower Reviews (Buying Guides)

The purpose of Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews is to help you find the best rowing machine for you, which comes at a reasonable price. We care about your time and money. As you are spending, why won’t you get the best rowing machine for you? It is our pleasure to introduce Xterra fitness erg200 rower to you.

This machine is way more featured than others in this budget. Considering its rich quality, we think this could be the fittest rowing matching for you, leading to writing Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews. 

However, a machine that includes eight levels of magnetic resistance for the best price in its budget is worth considering. 

The erg200 is suitable for a budget machine. It has a good seat, and footrests are wide and well-positioned, along with a good handle that gives a good grip. It is pretty comfortable to sit on and use. Unlike several other machines in this price range, we don’t think the quality of this machine is compromised with its budget. Stay with us, and this Xterra fitness erg200 rower review will answer all your questions about erg200.

If you have less time, you can buy without reading reviews:

Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews

When we get good responses about our work, it satisfies us, and this inspiration motivates us to do more research work. We are happy to let you know that we are grateful to you for all your responses. 

The Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews will provide you with all the information you need to know about the erg200 machine. So let’s go for it.


We think the Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews need a short description, so you can stream to gather knowledge thoroughly about the erg200.

The Xterra fitness erg200 rower is one of the best full-body workout machines around. The continuous rowing motion involves your whole body parts, and it boosts your heart rate, muscle engagement, and calorie burn. The intensity of this impact-free rowing is entirely user-controlled. The Xterra fitness erg200 rower has a dual aluminum track rail system and an easily adjustable console angle.

It allows you to get a smooth and comfortable workout combining the sizable contoured seat, padded pull handle, and pivoting foot pedals with broad Velcro straps. It is designed to fold, and this feature lets you store or transport it easily.

The magnetic resistance mechanism makes it a quieter rower to use than an air model. Rower machines hardly have heart rate programs or even a monitor to display your pulse at this price.

While switching from level 1 to 8, you can strongly feel the difference in the work rate.


BrandXTERRA Fitness
MaterialAluminum, Alloy Steel
Maximum Weight Recommendation250 Pounds
Batteries2 AA batteries
Display SizeLCD
Flywheel 9 lb
Seat Height 9.2″
Console Buttons: Set, Mode, Reset
Warranty1 Year Frame, 1 Year Parts
ReadoutTime, Count, Calories, Total Count, Scan, Odometer

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Key Features

Let’s find out those key features that make the erg200 best.

1. Display:

The Xterra fitness erg200 rower has an angle-adjustable large 3.7” LCD monitor that displays all the necessary information such as elapsed time, stroke count, calories, total count, and scan.

Progress monitoring capability makes any workout machine extreme. You can figure out how many calories you have burned and how much you will have by estimating the calories with time. So a large LCD monitor makes a difference when it displays such necessary information.

2. Magnetic Resistance:

It has eight levels of magnetic resistance, which provides you with the intensity control function of your workout and lets you have the experience of quiet and smooth rowing. 

To smooth your rowing experience, magnetic resistance does a big job because magnetized materials quickly have low reluctance.

3. Flywheel:

RPM 9 lbs simulate an authentic rowing experience for the user, and the user will get the perfect amount of momentum.

4. Weight And Height Capacity:

Users who height up to 6’4″ can comfortably use this machine. It also has a user weight limit of 250 lb. As it was built considering all athletes, it comfortably fits all kinds of athletes.

For a rowing machine, the height and the weight capacity is a serious concern because when companies design a product expecting that the product should serve well to the users with a good reputation of the builders, It must be featured well and remain the best in the budget.

We are happy to inform you that the Xterra fitness erg200 rower machine is the best-featured rowing machine on the budget.

5. Contoured Seat:

The sizeable contoured seat maximizes your comfort to use.

Xterra Fitness ERG200 Rower Reviews

Most of the bodyweight remains in the center of gravity which means it is the seat that bears most of the user’s weight for a rowing machine. When using the rowing machine for a long duration, you should be careful of your comfort because comfort and capability make the device not a considerable expense.

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6. The Padded Row Handle:

The user will find the handle grip quite comfortable, allowing more extended and intense workouts.

7. Folding:

It was designed with a space-saving compact frame that can be folded for easy storage when you are not using it. The transportation wheels are also included in the folding feature, which maximizes mobility to ease the hassles of users for moving and storing the rower machine.

8. Pedals:

Xterra fitness erg200 rower includes adjustable strap foot pedals pivot considering maintenance of users proper form.

9. Frame:

Safety and stability feature always puts a workout machine one step ahead. The sturdy dual aluminum rails and the durable frame provide an incredibly smooth and stable motion which helps the workouts hold firm and last long.

Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews: pros and cons


  • Smooth rowing action
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Folds away for storage
  • Large and comfortable seat
  • Very user-friendly
  • Various resistance levels
  • Adjustable console height
  • Variety of workout targets


  • It does not simulate rowing like air-resistance rowers

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Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews: buying guides

Our purpose is to help you with buying guides. We want you to know all the things that contain a rowing machine before buying. Knowledge gives you satisfaction when it comes to a decision, and you make the right choice. So it will be wise for you to consider the facts below. These facts will also help you to understand why erg200 is worth buying.

So ask yourself these questions before buying a rowing machine.

How much do you like rowing?

How much can you afford to buy a rowing machine?

Do you have the space at your place? (if limited, consider folding models)

How often are you going to use it?

If you think that you are sure that you’ll use it and are motivated to start your exercising experience to remain fit, going with a rowing machine would be an excellent and safe idea to do so.

1. Stability:

Stability is the first thing you should consider. Because even if all the features are coming well, instability will only bother your experience and distract your passion. Dual extruded aluminum seat slide rails are best around, which simulates incredibly smooth and stable motion.

2. Resistance:

There are different types of resistance functions such as air, magnetic, etc. The resistance function controls your intensity motions. It is essential to have the perfect control of your rowing machine.

3. Paddle, Seat, Flywheel:

These parts need to be perfect for your needs. The definitive word doesn’t only refer to comfort but also the performance.

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4. Capacity:

There are height and weight capacities you should be considering. Nowadays, most rowing machines are built considering all types of sports athletes. Your choice of rowing machine may fit you, but you don’t want to take chances that it can’t bear more weight and height than you. It is wise to choose a little more capable rowing machine than your capacity.

5. Warranty:

Generally, products that have a quality build must have a good contract with them. Also, make sure that you get after purchasing service and other additional costs are included in it. Always go for the product that provides the best warranty.

6. Mobility:

Though a traditional rowing machine doesn’t take much place, getting a rowing machine that has good mobility will save your place. The new models are coming these days with easy foldable designs and transportation wheels. These features will help you move your rowing machine and store it easily.

So, we hope that the Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews answered all your questions about the Xterra fitness erg200 rower machine. It is our happiest moment when we find that our research came out good for you.

For people who don’t have enough time to go out or to hit the gym for fitness training, we think it is the best idea to go for a rowing machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are Xterra rowers good?

A. Xterra rowing machines would be your best choice when looking for a good quality rower for under $1000. Xterra makes solid cardio equipment full of great features and high capability at a very reasonable price. It has earned a reputation for producing quality products that are also affordable on a weak budget.

Q. Is an erg200 machine a good workout?

A. Your joints remain more stress-free than other cardio workouts while the rowing machine burns serious calories. This machine allows you to control the movement and speed with relatively easy control functions. For an active recovery, riding this machine is a great exercise you can do.

Q. Are magnetic rowers good?

A. A magnetic rowing machine has a mechanism that simulates absolute rowing motion. It also offers a smooth & firm rowing stroke. Magnetic resistance is virtually silent and is one of the main benefits of having it.

Q. Why is erg200 best?

A.  Large 3.7 inch LCD monitor with eight levels of friction-free magnetic system is a suitable modification of features. All the parts are necessarily extended considering the comfort of the user. Also, the foldable design with the transport wheel increases its mobility. All the features inclusion comes very reasonably with its price. So we admit that the erg200 is one of the best rowing machines in its price.

Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews: user experience

Well, my profession is woodworking, and I am fascinated with water rowing. I was born in Riverside. Later my family shifted to the town. So, it is nearly impossible to get the water rowing experience for me from home.

It has been a few months since I bought the erg200. I wasn’t so serious about getting a workout daily. As I said, I was fascinated, I wasn’t expecting it to be my daily part, but somehow it became. It can’t be possible for anyone to expect an outdoor rowing experience sitting in the home, but surely they can have the same understanding of motion with a rowing machine at home. Now I took my rowing experience seriously. It helped me reduce my weight, and I am still interested in it. I have 86 kg of body weight, and I can’t go out and run. I find it super satisfying because I don’t need to put a lot of stress on my joints.

However, my experience with erg200 came to me super satisfying. I love the experience. And I am feeling happy that I am expressing my experience with erg200 through Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews.


We think that you might consider erg200 before buying a rowing machine. All the information we tried to provide you about erg200 and the guidelines to choose you best fit for a rowing machine will help you understand why a rowing machine is one of the best cardio machines and why you need this.

We hope that Xterra fitness erg200 rower reviews did help you even a little, and we want to know that. We are dedicated to your service. Your responsibility inspires us, and thanks for all the responses you have given us before.

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