Total Gym XL7 Reviews (User Experience)

Total Gym XL7 Reviews tend to provide you with knowledge about the best force gym machine out there. There are various cardio gym machines you will find in the market. Every individual of them is designed to provide different workouts.

Total Gym XL7 Reviews

But sure, some of them are pretty effective for both intense and classic workouts. Our research on effective gym equipment comes this time with the Total Gym XL7. 

If you have less time, buy the product without reading the review:

Total Gym XL7 is a well-made and more upgraded form from its earlier models. It included accessories that support over 60 different workouts for your body weight to resistance. You will feel the differences in your physique by continuing routine work with Total Gym XL7. It is quite a versatile home gym, and in 10-20 minutes, it will let you work out your whole body.

Also, we should be discussing the budget Total Gym XL7 comes in. This machine is not like any ordinary one, but we are happy to inform you that the Total Gym XL7 is one of the most effective gym machines on the budget. Storing Total Gym XL7 is super easy though heavy because its easy foldable design lets you utilize your place. 

However, we feel proud to introduce Total Gym XL7 to you through Total Gym XL7 Reviews. The performance of this machine is so satisfying, and it has features that will not only improve your physique but also let you enjoy the experience.

Total Gym XL7 Reviews

The motive of Total Gym XL7 Reviews is to provide you with all the information you need to know about Total Gym XL7. Also, you will find buying guides included in this review and which will let you see Total Gym XL7 from different dimensions. So let’s find out what makes the Total Gym XL7 the best budget home gym.

Its premium build quality and the best budget qualification make this product out of the top listed. Its unique design lets you do cardio, stretch, weight reducing, and strength training. Each of these qualities we have described is detailed below.

We expect you to be aware of precisely what you want. Also, we want you to know all the things contained around this product. It might be a good product, but satisfaction comes when you know that the product is good.


Brand Name‎Total Gym
Weight Capacity350 lbs.
Accessories60 Different Exercises
Workout DVD2-Included
BoardsAb Crunch
Assembled CountryChina
IncludesDip bars, wing attachments, press-up bars, leg pulley
AssemblyFully Assembled
Activity/SportsGym, Training, Weight Lifting

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Key Features

Total Gym XL7 Reviews will bring some features out that will help you understand the detailed activity of Total Gym XL7.

1. Weight Capacity:

The super sturdy design of Total Gym XL7 supports users as heavy as 350 lbs. Total Gym XL7 was designed considering a massive capacity in body weight.

Maintaining your weight without having a profound impact on your bones is difficult in some cases. But Total Gym XL7 supports way more bodyweight than any random gym machine in its budget and does a very effective workout to reduce your body weight. People who are considering reducing body weight with a home gym machine that should be comfortable and efficient to do so can take Total Gym XL7 into account.

2. Floor Mat:

Total Gym XL7 includes a floor mat that will help you ensure your stability and guard your floors. You will have to put down the mat and get active without worrying about getting scratches or scuffs on your floor.

As Total Gym XL7 is an indoor home gym, it will take your place inside the house. Everyday worries about the floor can be completely gone with the mat. Indeed it strengthens your stability because a concrete floor doesn’t give you enough strength to hold a metal frame as much as a rubber mat does. This durable mat gives you enough suspension not to get a glide from any vibration.

3. Accessories:

Necessary accessories Total Gym XL7 provides are dip bars, press-up bars, ab crunch boards, wing attachments, and a leg pulley.

A home gym is a lot about impressions. It must give you comfort because it is a part of your primary home equipment and daily life. The important thing is you give a lot of effort and time. So you want it to be perfect as much as your other things you find a passion for. Total Gym XL7 makes sure your comfort including necessary accessories so that you can have a better experience with your workout efforts.

4. Multifunctional Attachments:

Total Gym XL7 enables over 60 different exercises that allow you to make cardio, stretch, weight loss, and strength training.

All the different exercises have efficient ways to improve your physique. There are so many practical and exciting exercises in it, and you can choose your preferred one comfortably. Physical efforts are connected with nerves, so it is essential to have enough mental pleasure to get intimate with the machine.

5. Workout DVDs:

There are two DVDs included in the package.

These DVDs will guide you on how you need to go with the Total Gym XL7 thoroughly. You will get every answer you have and the proper guidance you need around this. With that, you will get complete knowledge about what exactly you need to do according to your necessity.

6. Foldability:

The great foldable design allows it to get easily stored. That will help you save your extra place. Foldability in modern gym machines is a good feature.

7. Warranty:

The warranty Total Gym XL7 comes with is a little short. It comes with a one-year warranty on parts and frames. The warranty somehow makes a product more reliable. So it happens because when the budget is a significant consideration while designing, it is possible that one of its features can be weak. Commonly, every feature can’t be vital together.

Total Gym XL7 Reviews: Pros and Cons

Total Gym XL7 Reviews


  • Total body workout in only 10-20 minutes.
  • 350 lbs maximum weight
  • Folds easily.
  • 12 adjustable resistance levels.
  • 60+ exercises.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty on parts and frames.

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Total Gym XL7 Reviews: Buying Guides

We think that a buying guide will allow the freedom of your taste and understand the difference between what you want and what you should get.

1. Accessories:

A moral force gym machine contains many individual parts such as a leg pulley, dip bars, ab crunch boards, wing attachments, press-up bars, and a  few more.

These parts also do more than making users comfortable. You will find these fine accessories in modern force gym machines. These accessories increase the performance of the machine. If all these are installed right, you will get intimidated by it while having your workout experiences.

2. User Weight:

A force machine is also known for its effective weight-reducing capability.

There is no problem with expecting that your preferred machine is strong enough to bear more weight than you are. It will be wise if you choose one that can bear more than your own. It would help if you did not take chances for any disappointment. 

3. Folding:

The foldability feature is a must for a modern gym machine. It helps you save your rooms and store easily. Not everyone has plenty of space for a home gym personalization. Foldability does good to both.

A heavy machine causes bother when it is not foldable because it takes a lot to afford to move twice daily. Shifting the machine would be another hassle. So you know, in any circumstances, foldability is always the better option.  

4. Stability:

An intense workout machine has to be super stable. Any single vibration can bother your concentration. It has many possibilities to get slipped or a slight shaking when it has not enough grip with the floor. To provide the user with the best stability performance, there are some modern features in the market such as a rubber mat, rubber or plastic socks with the frame.

However, better stability always provides more botherless and better performance.

5. Warranty:

The warranty is a must consider before buying an intense workout machine. A good warranty means a lot to the product. If the product is well enough to provide good service to the consumers, it will contain a satisfying warranty. So always try going for products that have a good warranty with them.

So we tried to clear the common questions around Total Gym XL7 through our Total Gym XL7 Reviews. It will be our very pleased when we will know that you found this review helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Total Gym XL7 good enough for physical improvement?

A. Total Gym XL7 has 60+ different exercises, and its unique designs let you do cardio training, stretching, strength training, and weight loss. All the different exercises hit your muscles and tone your body.

This machine is ideal for a lot of things together. It is hardly seen in gym machines that require all the body’s efforts, causing no further disturbance in specific muscles. So it’s not only good, it’s ideal for physical improvement. 

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Q. How long do I need to get a proper workout with Total Gym XL7?

A. Total Gym XL7 can provide you with an intense workout level as it takes all the muscle of your body to afford. It allows you to an intense level of your workouts. However, every machine that builds your musical or reduces weight has some individuality in its way to provide. But some machines such as Total Gym XL7 help you to get a perfect whole body workout. The Total Gym XL7 has many capabilities to improve your physique. So we can say approximately in 20 minutes you can have a proper workout.

Q. Is Total Gym XL7 comfortable?

A. Better accessories provide a more comfortable workout experience. A floor mat included in the package with Total Gym XL7 will get your machine super grip with the floor and will keep your floor from scratching. That will also reduce the vibration and will provide you with stability. Other accessories such as Dip bars, ab crunch boards, press-up bars, a leg pulley, and wing attachments will keep your experience more comfortable and satisfying.

Q. Is Total Gym XL7 a good buy?

A. In the budget, Total Gym XL7 features the most advanced quality. It is challenging for the designers to build a quality product considering the cost and needs of the customers. Herewith Total Gym XL7, you will get all the rich accessories, parts, features, and capabilities that make it a good buy. And you will be satisfied with the performance that is hardly seen in other gym equipment.

Total Gym XL7 Reviews: User Experience

I am a person who was always afraid of super sports, I had a severe injury in my leg bone back in my childhood. I couldn’t play sports like many other kids out there. Though with time, my bone was fixed, my phobia with the open field remained.

I could never have thought of going out in the field and playing. It was like a time of misery in my life. I was a good student back in high school, but I couldn’t help but get frustrated. So the time when t and I are now 46.

Unfortunately, my weight grew more than ever in a few years. Most of the time in my day I spend in my office. So I couldn’t hit the gym or do anything outdoors to reduce my weight. My doctor suggested that I have an indoor workout. So I thought that if there is anything I can do in my home that won’t take much of my time.

I had a school friend who is now a full-time gym trainer. I went to him, and he suggested that I go with the Total Gym XL7. Just fantasized about its unique design and nothing more. I was so desperate to lose weight. I started going slow at first. It’s been like three months, and I lost 10 kilos of my weight.

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It is the best thing that can happen to me right now because I was just so upset with my body weight. I can feel that I’m improving rapidly. You can imagine that it was never possible for me to imagine having a super fit body. I am still discovering these programs.

Some of these are just so appropriate according to my needs. At first, I thought that I could not do this. But my desperation led me here. Though this machine is a little heavy, its foldability helps me save my space at home. I love this Total Gym XL7. 

I am so happy to share my Total Gym XL7 experience with you, and I am grateful to Total Gym XL7 Reviews for letting me.


We love to hear from you. We have tried to get you some knowledge from our research In the most effective and reasonable gym machine through Total Gym XL7 Reviews. Hope that you may find it useful for you.

And We have shown the product from different dimensions just like we promised. Knowledge is freedom. We think your knowledge of Total Gym XL7 will help you further to get the best gym equipment. 

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