Sole sb900 review

Sole sb900 Exercise Bike Review (Pros & Cons)

Sole sb900 review is establishing a crystal clear image of sole sb900 indoor cycling bike. We all know, regular exercise is good for health improvement and there are so many options available including a sole sb900 bike. Now-a-days, people start loving indoor cycling at their home gym because of spinning workouts that boost muscle endurance, improve heart health, lose extra body fat and so on. 

Before starting, sole sb900 review is eager to inform you of an admirable thing about the sole sb900 indoor cycle bike and we think you might be happy to hear that. The most charming thing is, the sole sb900 bike is one of the best bikes in 2021. Not only this, it is also the sole’s best buy bike because of its quality frame and of course for its affordable price. 

Sole sb900 review

In our Sole sb900 bike review, we assemble all details about the sole sb900 indoor bike. The sole is a highly reputed brand for making quality fitness gym equipment. They never compromise the quality and there is no exception for a sole sb900 bike.

This bike is somewhat different from other indoor bikes. It does not have updated technology but this sole sb900 has some special features that make it really unique. The sole sb900 bike is a quality bike that does not need an internet connection, WiFi, and also doesn’t need to plug in. According to our deep inspection, our sole sb900 review finds this bike is a great option for them who especially love indoor spin cycling.

Furthermore, the sole sb900 is satisfactory for both indoor and outdoor cyclists. The design of sole sb900 makes workout very comfortable in home gyms. This bike is also used in light commercial gyms because it has magnetic resistance with a 48lbs flywheel, and the maximum user weight capacity is 300lbs. The frame is made out of heavy-duty steel, that’s why it is very sturdy and you can also use it at your light commercial gym.

Some people prefer road bikes and other indoor bikes. But whatever you like, comfort is the first priority for cycling enthusiasts. In terms of comforts, this sole sb900 review article is willing to let you know the SB900 comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars. You can move your seat and handlebars both vertically and horizontally. For pedals, users have two options; toe cages and SPD pedal. Which one you want to choose is up to you due to your preference.

It’s not finished yet, the sole sb900 bike also comes with an integrated display. You can see your speed, distance, time, heart rate, calorie burn, and so on. 

Product Specifications

Brand SOLE
Manufacturer Sole
Product Name Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle
Model SB900
Type Indoor Cycle
Color Red, Black, Sliver
Carton Weight 146 ponds
Carton Dimensions (L×W×H) 42×40×10 inches
Product Included 1
Product Weight 160 pounds
Product Dimensions (L×W×H) 42×21×40 inches
Product Material Heavy-duty Steel & Aluminum
Maximum Weight Capacity 300 pounds
Resistance Level 1-100
Resistance Type Eddy Current Magnetic
Resistance Dial Adjustable Knob
Transport Wheels Front Stabilizer, Rear stabilizer with Leveling Feet
Flywheel Weight 48 pounds
Drive System Quiet Flywheel Motion
Frame Standard
Handlebars Multi-directional Resting Points,Vertically & Horizontally Adjustable
Seat  Vertically & Horizontally Adjustable
Pedals Toe Clips & SPD Pedals
Display 3×4 inches LCD Screen
Display Feedback heart rate, RPM, Time, kCal, distance, and speed
Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Compatible
Portable Yes
Media Yes
Water Bottle Holder Yes 
Speaker No
Cooling Fan No
Accessory Tray No
Pre-programmed Workout None
Recommended Users Adult Male & Female
Warranty Frame: Lifetime, Parts: 3years, Electronics: 3years Labor: 1year (In Home)

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Key Features

The sole sb900 has many stunning features. Yet, the sole sb900 reviews have prepared only key features in this article. So you can check over the astonishing features of the sole sb900 indoor bike. 

1. Sturdy Frame:

The frame is extremely well built with heavy-duty steel and covered in a shroud of aluminum. The design of the sole sb900 bike is very simple and it makes the sole sb900 bike sturdy. This bike is an elegant bike for cycling enthusiasts because it is a manageable indoor bike. The sole sb900 has a whisper quiet type of resistance and it allows a maximum 300lbs user weight capacity that makes the bike indestructible. 

2. Heavy Flywheel:

A heavy flywheel of an indoor bike can make all differences. That’s why flywheel weight is a very important feature. The weight of the sole sb900 is 48 pounds that glides smoothly when your pedal strokes to generate kinetic energy in the wheel and you do not feel any jerk. The sole sb900 also makes you feel that you are cycling on the road during your workout.

3. Powerful Magnetic Resistance:

Magnetic resistance is an ideal for any kind of indoor bike that provides a smooth transition in between resistance.  Magnetic resistance maintains an extremely quiet workout and users never worry about fitness equipment noise. So they can focus on their workout comfortably.

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The sole sb900 bike comes with 0-100 resistance level. It’s very difficult to outgrow it at the beginning. But you should not worry about it at all. The resistance is adjustable with a knob dial. Just turning the dial, you can fix your preferable resistance level.

4. Adjustable Seat & Handlebars:

The sole sb900 bike allows a user to move the seat and handlebars forwards and backwards to get the right stride. All users have different heights and it’s very essential to ensure freedom of finding the perfect comfort level during workout.

So you can find the length vary between seat and handlebars from 17.5 inches to 30 inches. You can adjust the seat and handlebars in four vital ways for finding the right position. To get the correct fit, you can adjust the seat forward, down, aft and up. And for handlebars you can adjust it forward, down, aft and up.

5. Dual Pedals:

Sole sb900 bike comes with dual pedals. That means, when you want to ride you have two options for pedaling; you can choose toe-clips or SPD pedals. Both options ensure the security of your foot and you can increase your motion through the pedal strokes.  It doesn’t matter whether you are clipping in or using cages, you can pull up at the top of the pedal stroke for better engagement to the glutes and hamstrings as opposed to all downward, quad-dominant motion.

6. Integrated LCD Console:

The sole sb900 has a 3 inches by 4 inches LCD display. The display position makes an easy eye keeping on your workout data. Also the LCD screen provides an amazing readout of your ride metrics, time, RMP, distance, speed and calorie burns.

In addition, you also can see your heart rate on the LCD display. There is a wireless heart rate chest strap monitoring system that gives you accurate readout.

7. Warranty: 

Customers always be happy when a product comes with a long period of warranty. Sole sb900 bike provides lifetime warranty for the frame, three years for parts and electronics, and free in-home labor in the first year. When a company offers in-home repairs, we bet that you will believe they have confidence in their product.

Sole sb900 review: Pros and Cons


  • Basic LCD data monitor
  • Has two water bottle holders
  • Comfortable saddle adjustment
  • The bike is space-saving & looks so pretty
  • High quality commercial steel construction
  • Magnetic resistance and with 48lbs belt drive
  • Has duel pedal options: toe-clips and SPD pedal
  • Heart rate monitor wireless chest strap compatible 
  • It’s very easy to move for having front transport wheel
  • Adjustable handlebars with spongy coating for comfort
  • To find the perfect bike fit you have four adjustment points
  • Splendid customer service and impressive warranty package
  • No need WiFi, internet connection and plug in starting workout
  • Pedal stroke is silent so you can do workout any time of day or night
  • Transport wheel provides front &  rear stabilizers with leveling feet keep the bike from rocking while cycling


  • There is no incline and decline
  • Doesn’t have pre-set workouts

Sole sb900 review: Buying Guide

There are 10 factors you should consider before buying an indoor bike. The sole sb900 review is preparing all those 10 factors. We hope by knowing all factors you will be able to choose the perfect indoor bike.

Resistance level: 

Resistance level is always the first consideration to buy an indoor bike. Cheaper models have lower resistance levels that tend to use friction resistance. So you should buy a magnetic resistance bike with a high resistance level.


Flywheel is another factor worth taking into consideration. The large flywheel provides a smooth ride. Exercising with a bike that has a larger flywheel, you will actually feel the road bike. 


Many people think that the pedals are not an important factor for consideration. But if you have poorly fitted toe-clips and your feet keep slipping out then we will feel frustration during your workout because it is very uncomfortable. So you should choose a bike that can prevent slippage and has high quality SPD pedals.

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Construction and Strength:

Most indoor bikes are extremely strong and well-built. But it is not always the same. Some bikes have weak construction. You should notice it carefully before buying your bike.

LCD Console:

Lots of people find that an LCD console is not necessary during workout. But it is useful indeed. You should keep it in mind before buying an indoor bike. Because you can see your speed, distance, time, calorie burns and every data of your workout on your LCD console.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars: 

Indoor bikes always offer a very realistic riding experience and feeling. That’s why we need adjustable seats and handlebars that enable you to exercise in comfort. You should purchase a bike which has fore, down, aft and up adjustments for the seat. For handlebars you should ensure that it has different lengths for arms.


One of the most important things that you need to consider for your home gym. Most indoor bikes have a space saving feature. But when you buy your indoor bike, make sure that it has the exact dimension for your room.

Water Bottle Holder:

When you do workout, you lose lots of water from your body in the form of sweat. So you need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated. Before buying, look at the bike to see if it has a water bottle holder or not.

Transport Wheel:

If you have a very limited space at your home then you may need to move your bike from one place to another. So your bike must have a transport wheel so that you can easily move your bike.


Long term warranty is the sign of a quality product. So you should check the warranty very carefully. You should not buy a bike that does not offer warranty for a long time. Most of the bikes offer lifetime warranty for the frame and 3years warranty for the parts and electronics. So go for the  bike that has a longer warranty 

Who should Buy the Sole SB900 

  • Some people are actually serious cycle enthusiasts and look for a bike that is quiet enough. Actually they are very busy and cannot make a fixed routine. So, they need to workout at any time like in the early morning or late night at their home gym. In this case, you should buy a sole sb900 bike.
  • There are some bikers who enjoy class streaming. So they need a tablet holder for easy viewing. Sole sb900 comes with an integrated tablet holder and you can buy this bike undoubtedly.
  • Customers always want to buy a durable product with a reasonable price. The frame of the sole sb900 is very sturdy and it has magnetic resistance with a 48lbs flywheel. Also this bike offers a very affordable price. So you should bring home this bike.

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Sole sb900 review: FAQs

Q: Who is the sb900 good for?

A: The sole sb900 bike is usually perfect for serious cyclists. This bike makes the feel of a road bike with its heavy 48lb flywheel. This bike is very useful for losing weight, body sculpting and for competitive training. Basically, it is good for anyone who focuses on their fitness goal.

Q: Does the sole sb900 have Bluetooth?

A: No, the sole sb900 does not support Bluetooth. It’s because this model does not come with Bluetooth connectivity and has no pre-workout program. 

Q: Does the Sole SB900 come with a heart rate monitor?

A: The sole sb900 indoor bike has a heart rate monitor and it is chest strap compatible. But the chest strap isn’t included in the package. You have to buy it separately.

Q: Where is the sole sb900 manufactured?

A: The manufacturer country of the sole sb900 model is Taiwan.

Q: Is the sole sb900 spin bike? 

A: Yes, sole sb900 is a well-engineered spin bike.

Sole sb900 review: User Experience

I do have some experiences with cycling bikes. When I start my workout I am completely surprised because it is very quiet. I can hear nothing. It’s really amazing how an exercise bike can be so quiet. It is really impossible for me to compare this one with other bikes. Its super smooth magnetic belt drive removes my worry about disturbing anyone in my building or even anyone from my apartment.

The things that get me more excited are the seat and handlebars. They are magnificently adjustable and comfortable. I am also very happy with the LCD console that monitors my speed, time, distance, and calorie burns. The console is also compatible with the heart rate monitor. I think the sole sb900 is worth better than any high end bikes which have bells and whistles on screen.

The resistance level is 100 but I can easily adjust my resistance level with a resistance knob dial. I love this sole sb900 indoor bike for its massive flywheel and the intense workout it provides. It also gives me a smooth feeling during a workout. And I have two options of pedaling such as SPD pedal and toe-cages. I feel comfortable with both options and the pedaling on this bike gives me a great comfortable  workout.

The sole sb900 bike is so easy to use while an advanced bike is comparatively difficult to understand. In this sole sb900 review article I must recommend you to try the sole sb900 bike and I hope you will love it more than I love this sole sb900 bike.


Now, we reach the last section of our sole sb900 review article. Sole always provides extremely delicate engineering and quality build. This is the main reason people love products from sole including sole sb900 indoor bike. The quiet belt drive and magnetic resistance of the sole sb900 bike creates no sounds. So people can workout at their convenient time whether it is day or night. The sole sb900 bike may be the great option for cycling enthusiasts who really want a solid bike without fancy technology.

We hope our sole sb900 review article becomes very informative to you. The sole sb900 is the best exercise bike among all. People who only focus on their fitness goal and look for durability, who are not interested in pre-set workout programs, also don’t want to pay for on board digital entertainment, then the sole sb900 bike is waiting for you. And the sole sb900 review suggests you please don’t keep waiting for the sole sb900 bike so long to enter your home gym. 

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