Sole e35 elliptical reviews

Sole e35 Elliptical reviews with User Experience

Sole e35 elliptical reviews are going to focus upon the sole e35 elliptical machine for your further observation. The Sole e35 elliptical machine from the Sole is the “Best Buy” elliptical in leading consumer websites and consumer magazines which includes various creditable features and comes at an attractive price

The Sole e35 elliptical reviews will let you know the sole e35 elliptical machine is a beginner-friendly elliptical trainer. It is equipped with advanced features. So using it not only gives you health benefits but also makes the exercising experience more desirable.

You can work out safely and eliminate strain in the bone joints while enjoying the music from the Bluetooth audio speakers. In this review, we will analyze numerous things about the sole e35 elliptical, including the service it provides and the things to consider before purchasing to project a helpful article. 

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Sole e35 elliptical reviews

To review the sole e35 elliptical, it is compulsory that we briefly learn about the product’s description. So this sole e35 elliptical reviews article is now going to demonstrate the product description.

The gym equipment sole e35 elliptical is a precious item from the Sole fitness brand. It is beneficial because the Sole e35 elliptical allows you to do low-impact workouts and gain sculptured muscles all around the body, which includes arms and legs, chest, and back. The e35 elliptical ensures a stabilized activity by operating Onward and backward.

The sole e35 elliptical yields a 25-pound flywheel and 20” pedal span. This means the pedals stimulate a stride length of 20 inches. For those who desire a durable and smooth elliptical experience, the Sole e35 elliptical is very useful.

The e35 elliptical is very modern and includes a 7.5” display console with an LCD. The console of the sole e35 elliptical has built-in speakers and a USB port to charge your smart devices. The sole e35 elliptical provides an adjustable feature that allows you to adjust the ramp angle from 0 to 20, making it possible to target and work all major lower body muscles discreetly.

The sole e35 elliptical drive system distributes extremely minimum sound and a smooth flowing rhythm. To reduce joint impact, it’s crucial to have a soft back and forth rhythmic motion of pedals. To reduce and avoid strain in shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees, the handles and pedals must be in steady harmony, provided by the sole e35 elliptical.

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The Sole e35 elliptical is superior for entire body sculpting. The forward and reverse pedaling system enables head-to-toe toning. Notably, this elliptical model is unsuitable for advanced athletes as its 25 pounds flywheel might be light for athletes.

We optimistically hope the description was helpful. We are moving forward with our sole e35 elliptical reviews because there are many more facts to cover about this product so you could get a thorough perception. 


Product nameSole E35 Elliptical
Brand nameSole
Product weight231 pounds
Package weight260 pounds
Package dimensions (L×W×H)66×34×23 inches
Product quantity1
Product dimensions (L×W×H)70×24×64 inches
Step Up Height14 inches
Model nameE35
Included componentsElliptical
Step up height14 inches
Maximum stride length20 inches
Sport typeFitness and exercises
Total programs10
Weight capacity375 pounds
Heart rate monitorPulse grips and chest strap are compatible
Workout display7.5 inches LCD, White Back-lit
Drive systemFront
Incline levels1-20
Incline AdjustabilityPower Adjustable 
Resistance level20
Resistance typeECB
Maximum Stride length20 inches
Flywheel Weight25 pounds
Foot PedalsAdjustable with 3 Positions
OthersBluetooth Connectivity tablet/Phone Holder, Water Bottle Holder, USB Port Charging, cushioned Foot-Pedals, adjustable Console, speakers, cooling Fans
Warranty• Lifetime frame warranty• 5 years Electronics• 5 years parts• 2 years labor

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Key Features

The sole e35 elliptical reviews are eager to prove that it has advanced and advantageous features. In this part of the Sole e35 elliptical reviews, we will demonstrate the critical elements of the sole e35 elliptical. 

1. Workout programs:

The sole e35 elliptical comes with ten pre-programmed workouts. These workout programs will guide you through various ways to tone up your body. These include:

Standard option: There are a total of 6 standard workouts to choose from. These are the classics such as Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval, Strength, and Manual.

Heart rate modulated workout: It has two heart rate modulated workouts. These workout programs could be adjusted to your desired heart rate.

Custom workout: In this program, you have two routines that could be adjusted to your satisfaction and preference.

The workout library covers the basics and effective programs. E35 does not require a subscription on the console. The E35 is designed in a way that does not require the internet to access the programs. It’s a good option for you if you want to save money and want easily understandable programs.

2. 7.5” LCD:

Sole e35 elliptical comes with a 7.5” LCD screen. The LCD screen is big and bright, making it easy to view the program and keep track during workout effortlessly. 

3. Fitness app:

The sole e35 elliptical can be synced with the free app Sole fitness app via Bluetooth. You could also sync up with other fitness apps of your preference to keep track of your fitness data. 

4. Heart rate monitor included:

Sole includes a chest strap with e35 elliptical, wireless, and has touch sensors—the chest strap sync with the console. There are heart rate sensors on the handlebars too. Both are efficient for heart rate programs.

5. Pedals (custom designed):

Sole e35 elliptical has custom-designed pedals for users’ maximum comfort. The pedals are 15” oversized with a 2° slope which is inward. This reduces unease and discomfort in the joints, knees, and ankles. And sole made the pedals in collaboration with physical therapists, so it is highly recommended and effective. You could adjust the pedals according to your comfort in three different positions. 

6. Multiple grip handlebars:

the handlebars are very efficient as it is large, providing various separate grips enabling you to adjust the grip according to your advantage. To get the most out of your workout, this is very convenient. The incline and resistance levels could be easily adjusted from the handlebars buttons. 

7. Bluetooth speakers:

your mobile or tablet could be synced with the e35 elliptical. It enables the experience of working out with the company of your favorite music played by the wireless built-in Bluetooth speakers.

8. Incline capabilities:

Sole e35 elliptical is equipped with 20 incline levels. It enables you to work on targeted muscle mass. The handlebars are connected with the incline controls, which is a massive advantage as it makes working out more convenient. 

9. Integrated tab holder:

A built-in tab holder is located above the console, so you could enjoy watching a show while working out. As the tab holder is above the console, you needn’t worry about the screen being partially out of vision. A USB port is also included to charge your smart devices while working out.

10. Others:

The sole e35 elliptical has a water bottle holder so you would be hydrated. And it also has a built-in fan for relaxation and comfort during workout sessions. 

Sole E35 Elliptical Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • It has a total of 10 workout programs that have the crucial basics covered.
  • Can sync with mobile phones and other smart devices.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame.
  • Has 20 inches stride and 20 incline levels. Which is convenient.
  • Produced by a reputable branded company and comes at an attractive price. 
  • Has sensory and wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Operates very quietly due to magnetic resistance.
  • It comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which enables data sharing and data storage.
  • It has large and cushioned foot pedals making the workouts very comfortable.
  • Has various features for consumers’ comfort, such as the water bottle holder, cooling fan, etc.
  • Bluetooth audio speakers are perfect for listening to music while working out.
  • Has a USB charging port and a tablet holder.


  • It requires space as it’s not foldable.
  • Downloading new workouts is not available.

Sole E35 Elliptical Reviews: Who Is It For?

The sole e35 elliptical reviews article recommends all adult males and females to do workouts with the sole e35 elliptical because it gives you a great full-body workout for both the upper body and lower body engagement.

Though the sole e35 elliptical suits all adults, the e35 elliptical is very special for some persons. That’s why the sole e35 elliptical reviews are eager to let you all know who is the best-suited person for the sole e35 elliptical.

1.The sole e35 is very sturdy, and its front-drive elliptical has 20 levels of incline and 20 levels of resistance. Also, it has an excellent pedal length that will go back and forth 20 inches. For the person who is searching for a durable elliptical with such kind of features and Canaan affordable price, this sole e35 elliptical may be the better choice for you.

2.  The sole e35 is a well-built elliptical and is made of steel. The Sole e35 elliptical is excellent for a full-body workout. So it is perfect for those looking for an elliptical for both upper body and lower body workouts.

3. The sole e35 elliptical has a synchronized motion between the foot pedals and the handles so that you can get full-body engagement. This elliptical provides a bit more benefits than an indoor bike or treadmills, so, of course, the sole e35 elliptical is the best for those who are seeking extra help.

4. Some people want something straightforward and easy to use. The console of sole e35 does not have a touch screen; also, there is no subscription content. Our sole e35 elliptical reviews can undoubtedly say this is an excellent elliptical for people who want to jump on a quick program but do not want to pay for a subscription. They might not care about a touch screen. Their focus goes just on a full-body workout.

5. It is also tranquil and smooth. When you move, you do not hear any noises. It is so good for those who share their apartment. They don’t face any problems during their workout because the sole e35 makes no sound.

Sole e35 elliptical reviews: Buying Guides

Sole e35 elliptical reviews

We will discuss a few things in this part of the sole e35 elliptical reviews that you could contemplate before buying the e35 elliptical. To help dictate if it is suitable for you. Keep in mind; Sole e35 elliptical is very useful and practical. 


The overall footprint is 71 inches in height x 82 inches in length and x 31 inches in width. The treadmill weighs 231 pounds and supports up to 375 pounds. This treadmill takes space. So you have to make sure that you have sufficient room for this machine as it is not foldable.


Elliptical is all about body movements for exercising, so you must comprehend how comfortable you will be with it. It is essential to hold up the correct posture and maintain the workout effectively to avoid sprain.

It would be best if you also were careful with positioning your hands on the handlebars as the wrong grip could give you constraints on your wrist. Nevertheless, the e35 elliptical is very smooth and comfortable to use, so we hope you’d have a relaxing experience.

Exercise strength:

The resistance of elliptical trainers varies from one another. The high resistance fixture is tough to pedal and very challenging. But the lowest resistance fixture is easy to use. The resistance level of Sole e35 elliptical is 20, which is ideal for home gym.


The upgraded exercise types of equipment contain wireless connectivity or Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your smart gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices with your exercise equipment. Sole e35 elliptical comes with built-in Bluetooth, so you will be able to connect the machine with your smart device.


To not get bored, it is vital to have various workout programs in your elliptical. The Sole e35 elliptical has ten different appealing workout programs which would make your workouts much more enjoyable.


Warranty is something to be thoughtful about while purchasing a product, as it ensures your machine’s longevity. The sole e35 elliptical has a lifetime warranty on the frame reinforced. Which undoubtedly speaks on the quality of the product. The electronics and parts of the machine also have five years of warranty. 

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Sole e35 elliptical reviews have guided you so far in making the purchase. What is it you are waiting for? This could be one of your best purchases ever. With the help of this review, the article doesn’t hesitate anymore and brings home the Sole e35 elliptical.

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Sole e35 Elliptical Reviews: FAQs

Q: Is the Sole E35 elliptical trainer effective for home workouts?

A: If you prefer either sprint interval training or steady-state workouts, the Sole elliptical trainer is perfect for you. To boost your metabolism and warm up before other exercises, this trainer is helpful in many ways. That’s why the sole e35 elliptical is perfect for home gyms.

Q: Is it easy to assemble a Sole Elliptical E35?

A: It is effortless to assemble with the step-by-step assembly procedure video you can find on their website. It is possible to make the sole elliptical e35 by yourself with ease.

Q: How much space does Sole E35 Elliptical take?

A: To keep Sole E35 Elliptical trainer, you will need an 82″ x 31″ area in your house. The elliptical is heavy and sturdy. Although after assembling, a person can move the equipment around if need be. Because the front base has transport wheels and also there is a base lifting handle which comes very handy.

Q: Does the Sole e35 elliptical fold up?

A: No, the sole e35  elliptical doesn’t have a fold-up feature.  But the sole e35 elliptical has a compact design that saves space. There is a much more giant elliptical in the market so, the size of this one is very advantageous.

Sole e35 elliptical reviews: User Experience 

Now, I am going to share my experience with the sole e35 elliptical. I have been using this sole e35 elliptical for a month, and I am the biggest fan of this elliptical.  The sole e35 elliptical reviews article allows me to share my experience using this elliptical. So let’s start. 

I love this elliptical machine because this is a very sturdy front-drive oval. It has an excellent pedal length that goes back and forth 20 inches and gives me a full-body workout. Also, I am in love with its multi-grip handlebars.  It has a synchronized motion between the foot pedals and handles to get full-body engagement, and I am so comfortable during my workout.

The console doesn’t have a touch screen and has no subscriptions, but I still like it. Because it is immaculate, simple, and easy to use, I can change my incline level by pressing a manual button from the left and can change the resistance level by pressing the resistance button from the right on the console. I enjoy the same benefits that I have on the handlers. It’s so easy, right? Those accessible features keep me entirely focused on my full-body workout. So I don’t care whether it has a touch screen or subscription. Also, it is effortless to get up on and down off the machine safely.

I get excited whenever I tell anybody that the sole e35 is so quiet. I hear no sounds during my workouts & I have a hectic schedule, and my workout time is not fixed. So I can do my training at any time as it makes no noises. It is a massive advantage for me because I share my apartment.

Some things make my workout enjoyable. I can set my tablet at the top of the console and can enjoy my favorite shows. I also can keep my phone on the side of the console and never miss the Emergency call during my workout. also have the option to charge my phone and tablet here. And I love the stationary handles of the sole e35 elliptical. It has a heart rate sensor, and I can see my heart rate on the console. There are two easy-reach water bottle holders. Whenever I feel thirsty, I can drink water. Also, there are two speakers, and I can enjoy so many songs. 

The sole e35 elliptical has ten workout programs. During my workout, I must say, I spend quality time with myself with so many features of the sole e35 elliptical. 

So, in this sole e35 elliptical reviews article, I recommend you to buy this elliptical. If you have any doubt, then you should try once. I am a crazy fan of the sole e35 elliptical, and I hope you also love it.


We have made it to the end of most of the Sole e35 elliptical reviews article. We have tried every means to convey helpful information regarding the sole e35 elliptical reviews. 

It might also be noted; the Sole e35 elliptical is a perfect home athletic facility instrument for nearly everybody. Therefore, when reading our sole e35 elliptical reviews, I bet you’ll begin to consider buying the sole e35 elliptical, and, understandably, you can not wait to purchase it for your home gym.

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