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Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews 2022 (Buying Guides)

Sole e25 elliptical reviews are going to demonstrate the sole e25 elliptical machine today. The sole e25 is consistently one of the best-selling ellipticals from the Sole, and it has all the essentials at an exceptional price. 

In our sole e25 elliptical reviews, we will discuss so many things about the sole e25 elliptical such as what they have in this elliptical, the benefit of using this, what things you should consider, etc. 

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Sole e25 elliptical reviews

The sole e25 is an entry-level elliptical from the sole fitness brand. It is affordable while simultaneously ensuring the health of the joints and tendons is not compromised.

Product Description

Before starting our sole e25 elliptical reviews, we think it is necessary to put a short description of it. 

Sole e25 elliptical is a perfect gym item and an entry-level elliptical from the Sole fitness brand. The Sole e25 elliptical helps you get a low impact workout that targets all your major muscle groups in your legs, chest, back and arms. 

The e25 elliptical functions both forward and reverse, ensuring a well-balanced workout. The sole e25 provides a front-drive elliptic, which has a 20lbs flywheel at the base of the handlebars.  Also, the pedals offer a 20-inch stride length which provides 20 incline and 20 resistance levels.

The sole e25 elliptical provides a fluid, natural motion with a whisper-quiet drive system. The soft and smooth front/back motion of the pedals is essential to reduce joint impact. The fluid movement of the synchronized handles and pedals is necessary to reduce strain on the elbows, shoulders, knees and hips.

The Sole e25 elliptical is suitable for head-to-toe sculpting, and this is due to the ability to switch between forward and reverse pedalling movements. However, this is suitable for home gyms. So, it is not robust or resistant enough for elite and advanced athletes. The 20-pound flywheel is light and may not bear well with athletes.

We hope that’s enough for the description of the sole e25 elliptical. Let’s move forward to the next part of sole e25 elliptical reviews to know this product better.


You can’t get enough knowledge without reading product specifications. So it is now our time to make all specifications listed together on sole e25 elliptical reviews article.

Product NameSole E25 Elliptical
Brand NameSole
Manufacturer Sole
Package Weight240 pounds
Package Dimensions (L×W×H)66×33×23 inches
Product Included1
Model NameFitness E25
Part NumberE2511
Product Weight212 pounds
Product Dimensions (L×W×H)70×24×64 inches
Step Up Height14 inches
Sport TypeFitness & Exercises
Weight Capacity350 pounds
Total Programs10
Heart Rate MonitorPulse Grips and Chest Strap Compatible
Workout Display6.5 inches, White Back-lit LCD Screen
Drive SystemFront
Flywheel20 pounds
Incline AdjustabilityPower Adjustable
Incline Level1-20
Maximum Stride Length20 inches
Resistance MechanismECB Magnetic
Resistance Level20

Bluetooth ConnectivityTablet/Phone HolderWater Bottle HolderUSB Port ChargingCushioned Foot-PedalsAdjustable ConsoleSpeakersChest StrapCooling Fans
WarrantyFrame; LifetimeParts: 3yearsElectronics: 3 yearsLabor: 1 year

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In this section of our sole e25 elliptical reviews article, you’ll adequately know all the features of the sole e25 elliptical. 

Fitness Workout programs:

Sole e25 elliptical comes with ten workout programs, and it features the same workout programs as other top models. But it is still the most affordable brand. However, ten workout programs can be divided into three categories-

  • Six Standard Programs: It’s a classic workout program that includes Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval, Strength and Manual.
  • Two Heart program: They adjust resistance and incline to match desired heart rate zone
  • Two Custom Programs: This program includes two routines customized by the user and manual mode.

These pre-loaded programs do not require a subscription. That means it has free access without the internet.

Incline Capabilities:

The sole e25 comes with 20 incline levels that help target specific muscle groups. The incline controls also have a direct relationship with the handlebars for getting a more convenient workout. It is a tremendous advantage of incline training.

LCD Display:

Sole e25 elliptical has a 6.5 inch white back-lit LCD. This 6.5-inch display shows your workout program. During the workout, you can use your smartphone or tablet in the integrated tablet holder to see the activity and also can track your progress as well.

Sole Fitness App: 

The Sole e25 elliptical is compatible with the sole fitness app. Bluetooth connectivity enables users to sync their work statistics with their favourite fitness app, such as MyFitnessPal. Also, when you enjoy music or favourite TV shows on your device, your app keeps monitoring your workout statistics in the background. Bluetooth connectivity is the new feature on your sole elliptical to share and store your data on your app.

Ergonomic Sloping Inward Pedals:

The pedals on the sole e25 elliptical are designed with a unique two-degree inward slope which you may not find on other cross-trainers. The primary purpose of this design is to ensure comfort. You will feel at ease now that physical therapists especially recommend it since it reduces stress and impact on your ankles, knees and joints.

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Heart Rate Monitoring:

The sole e25 elliptical is compatible with the wireless chest straps and has touch pull sensors. Chest straps can sync with the console to provide a real-time metric readout of your heart rate. Heart rate training programs can also be built into the program for customized training.

Media Holder and USB Port:

A tablet or Mobile holder is mounted on the top of the console, which can hold your device securely. So without blocking your LCD screen, you can read or watch anything on your smart device during your workout. Also, the USB port is located on the other side of the console. You can charge your devices if it is to be needed while you workout.

OtherSole e25 elliptical has a water bottle holder, speakers and cooling fans to keep you hydrated, relaxed and calm.

Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews : Pros and Cons


  • Has ten workout programs
  • Can sync with mobile apps
  • lifetime warranty for the frame
  • Has 20 inches stride and 20 incline levels
  • Has affordable price from a reputed brand
  • Enables wireless and touch heart rate monitoring
  • It has a tranquil operation due to magnetic resistance
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity for data sharing and storage
  • Provides cushioned and oversized foot pedals for comfortable workouts
  • Comes with some comfortable features like a water bottle holder, integrated media holder, cooling fan, Bluetooth audio speakers, USB charging port and accessory tray.


  • It is not folding
  • Cannot download new workouts

Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews : Buying Guides

You have to consider some things before buying a sole e25 elliptical to confirm whether it is suitable for you or not. We will cover all those things in our sole e25 elliptical reviews article. And you can undoubtedly assume that Sole will never make you upset. 


Most of the elliptical is 50 to 84 inches long. And the sole e25 elliptical is 70 inches long. So make sure that you have enough space in your room because it is not foldable.


An elliptical forces you to its movements. So it would be best if you considered how comfortable you are when you are using it. You have to maintain an upright posture holding on to the moving handles. It would help if you were careful that moving hand grips is easy to reach, and it does not constrain your wrist into a terrific position. However, the sole e25 elliptical run is very comfortable, and we hope you might not have any awful experience.

Exercise Strength:

Different ellipses have different resistance. The lowest resistance fixture is accessible, while the high resistance setting is not only hard to pedal but also it is very challenging. Sole e25 elliptical resistance level is 20, which is suitable for your home gym.


Exercise equipment is being upgraded with wireless connectivity or Bluetooth to connect to an app on the mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other smart devices. Sole e25 elliptical has Bluetooth connectivity to connect your machine to your smart device.


If you have various workout programs in your elliptical, you will never get bored with your workout. Sole e25 elliptical offers ten workout programs to make your training more enjoyable.


You must consider the contract very carefully. Good products always provide a long-term warranty. Sole e25 elliptical offers a lifetime warranty for frames and three years for parts and electronics.

You have already been guided by our sole e25 elliptical review for buying sole e25 elliptical. Then what are you still waiting for? Don’t let your time be wasted. Just bring home a sole e25 elliptical without any further hesitations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is sole elliptical good?

A: Sole is a very famous and reliable brand for fitness equipment. Sole always ensure high-quality performance with several various workout programs. Sole fitness brand’s goal is customer satisfaction. 

The impressive thing is the cheapest sole elliptical provides an outstanding amount of resistance and also offers three years warranty. Besides, the sole elliptical technology is being friendly day by day. So we can say a sole elliptical is an excellent oval.

Q: Which sole elliptical is the best?

A: All sole ellipticals perform very well, and which one is best is just up to you. You have to choose your sole elliptical according to your need. 

Sole has six E series elliptical models such as e25, e35, e55, e95, e95s, e98. Among them, five are designed especially for home gyms, and it ranges from entry-level e25-e95. These models have many features in common.  The rest of the e98 has warranties for both residential and light commercial use. So you can find the best one considering your budget and your purposes.

Q: How long does it take to assemble the sole e25 elliptical?

A: The sole e25 elliptical includes assembly instruction. If you follow the instructions step by step, then it may take 1-2 hours.

Q: Does the sole e25 elliptical help to lose belly fat?

A: Elliptical helps to burn calories. One can lose belly fat and get a toned belly doing an elliptical workout. But you have to follow a strict diet plan.

Q: Should I do an elliptical workout every day?

A: No, no, no and not at all. Remember, you should get into the elliptical regularly but not every day. Your body needs at least one or two rest days. So don’t forget to take a break every ten days.

Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews: User Experience

I have been using my sole e25 elliptical machine for three months, and the thing I enjoy is this particular oval. It just feels very natural and comfortable. Don’t keep any doubt in your mind because I am sharing my honest review.

The reason that the sole e25 makes me feel so comfortable is the two sets of double rail system wheels at the bottom of the elliptical that run so smoothly. That’s much more comfortable. I am delighted with it.

If I talk about the pedals, I must say its two-degree inward slope provides less stress on my joint. It’s so amazing! During my workout, when I move my way up, I have a 20 pounds flywheel in my elliptical, and this is the front-drive machine.

Another most exciting thing is the single grip handlebars. It has buttons for incline and resistance on the other side, which is very easy to run. Also, in the center, there is stationary, heart rate grips, 6.5 inches LCD console, and I have my programming here like manual, fill, fat burn, cardio and strength. It is so cool. I have everything in one place, and I love that feature a lot.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, and I can link my machine to my free sole fitness app. I also can share and store my data. I feel this is mesmerizing. 

Furthermore, I can put my smartphone, tablet and magazines on the tablet holder and enjoy music or reading magazines during my workout. I can charge my phone or tablet too with a USB plug. And when I feel tired I can drink water because there is also a water bottle holder which has an easy reach.

I think it is excellent, and it gets the job done smoothly. So, in this Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews article, I highly recommend you this machine from my experience.  


We have reached the final word section of our sole e25 elliptical reviews. We have tried to write our sole e25 elliptical reviews in a way where information might be more than enough for all readers.

Lastly, the sole e25 elliptical is an ideal home gym equipment for almost everyone who loves to do elliptical workouts. Sole fitness brand achieves top elliptical reviews every year. So, after reading our sole e25 elliptical reviews, I bet you will start loving the sole e25 elliptical, and I know you cannot wait anymore to bring home your favourite sole e25 elliptical. 

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