sole cc81 cardio climber reviews

Sole cc81 Cardio Climber Reviews 2022

Sole cc81 cardio climber reviews are intended today to take everything into account for the sole cc81 cardio machine. Sole concerns your time, money, and space when you want to purchase their fitness equipment. The sole cc81 cardio climber is one of the fitness machines that make us proud to introduce to you all. 

People consider the sole cc81 cardio climber as proper full-body workout gym equipment. So, what’s the reason behind this and why is this machine being highly famous recently? Stay with us till the end, and the sole cc81 cardio climber reviews will figure out everything for you. 

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Sole cc81 cardio climber reviews

We hope you might feel pleased to hear the fact that we know your demands and we always work for you. Same as always, now our great effort goes to a new topic to write a sole cc81 cardio climber reviews article for every information about the sole cc81 cardio climber only in one place. 

This sole cc81 cardio climber reviews aim to provide you crystal explicit knowledge on sole cc81 cardio climber.  So with no further delay, we will start the journey of our sole cc81 cardio climber reviews. So Stay with us. 


The sole cc81 cardio climber reviews need a brief description first before knowing the details. The sole cc81 cardio climber is a modern gym machine and is effective at a high degree for toning the entire body. It has a unique design with a combination of both elliptical and climber machines. That means it combines the traditional climbers for upper body movements and a stepper for the lower body’s movement.

The sole cc81 cardio climber comes with so many effective workout programs. The frame is made out of heavy-duty steel with 20 levels of magnetic resistance, multi-adjustable hand grips and so on. However, the sole cc81 cardio climber is the top listed climber for its stellar combination of adjustability, durability and additional characteristics. 

However, sole cc81 cardio climber reviews say, sole cc81 cardio climber is the top listed climber machine, according to our deep analysis. 


ManufacturerSole Fitness
Package Dimension (L×W×H)58×40×22 inches
Included Product 1
Product NameSole CC81 Cardio Climber
Product Size1
Product Dimensions (L×W×H)59×31×86 inches
Product Weight265 pounds
Style Compact Space Saving Design
Drive SystemFront
Frame Material & DesignSteel & Vertical
Maximum Weight Capacity400 pounds
Resistance TypeECB- Eddy Current
Resistance Level0-20, the computerized auto-tension resistance
Resistance dial Adjustable
Flywheel Weight25 pounds
Handles1-15 inches, adjustable, multi-position placement
Pedals15 inches, 2-degree inward slope
Step Up Height10 inches
Step Range12 inches
Workout Programs6-Standard Programs, 2-Custom Programs,2-Heart Rate Programs
Workout Display5×3 inches, White Back-lit LCD Screen
Display FeedbackTime, Calories, SPM Level, FLS,FPM Level, Heart Rate Program
Heart Rate MonitoringWireless Receiver, Chest Strap Compatible
Recommended UsersAdult Male & Female
Product UsageHome and Commercial Use
Part Number29769511
WarrantyFrame: Lifetime, Parts: 5years, Labor: 2 years
OtherSmart-phone/ Tablet Holder, Chest Strap, Sound System, Two Water Bottle Holders

Key Features:

The sole cc81 cardio climber reviews now intend to demonstrate some essential features of the sole cc81 cardio climber. Let’s Take a look at those. 

1. Sturdy Frame: 

Having a sturdy frame is especially considered theoretically designed for HIIT and other intense type workouts. The sole cc81 cardio climber is built with heavy-duty, high-end welded steel all around.

Most users consider the sole cc81 cardio climber a real piece of fitness equipment at their home gym. Sometimes you can see this machine is used in commercial gyms due to its sturdy structure. The maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs which makes this machine stable and highly durable. Also, it has a 59 inches 31 inches footprint, which is pretty compact.

However, one thing you might not know is that the sole cc81 cardio climber is 2 feet shorter than most home treadmills or ellipticals. We think you don’t feel comfortable when your head comes to your ceiling.

2. Flywheel:

You may always hear the word flywheel first for a climbing machine. This is because the flywheel ensures the ability to crank up the intensity. The sole cc81 cardio climber comes with a 25lbs flywheel that provides smoother operation and allows more resistance.

3. Multi-grip Handlebars: 

The handles of the sole cc81 climber are highly adjustable. Multi-adjustable handlebars target different muscle groups, especially upper body muscle groups. However, You can easily alter the handlebars through 4 different height settings. Also, you can swap the way the handlebars are facing. It’s an impressive and quality feature that makes your workout more comfortable.

4. Resistance Knob Dial:

Using a resistance knob dial, you can increase and decrease the resistance during your workout. There are 20 resistance levels in the sole cc81 cardio climber, and it has a very convenient way to make your level selections by turning the dial in seconds.

5. 10 Workout Program:

Basically, all sole products come with ten workout programs, including sole cc81 cardio climber.  Among ten workout programs, 6 are standard programs, 2 are customized programs, and 2 are heart rate guided programs.

6. LCD Screen:

The sole cc81 climber comes with a 5×3 inches white backlit LCD screen. You can see all your essential workout data on it. And we must say, the display is undoubtedly big enough to view clearly during your workout.

7. Bluetooth Connectivity and Data Tracking: 

The sole cc81 cardio climber has a Bluetooth-compatible feature. So, you can transfer your workout data via Bluetooth from the cc81 climber to your smart devices. With the help of the free Sole Fitness App, you can track your workout data and transfer it to your favourite fitness app like Fitbit, Record, or Apple Health, Mapmyrun and soon.

8. Custom-designed Pedals:

Physical therapists work with the Sole to design comfortable pedals. Pedals are oversized in cc81 climber for allowing different very comfortable foot positioning. The more oversized pedals slope inwards a couple of degrees that results in extra comfort.

9. Heart Rate Monitor:

The sole cc81 cardio climber includes a chest strap to monitor your heart rate accurately in an easier way. It has an option to monitor your heart rate wirelessly.

10. Integrated Media Holder:

The sole cc81 climber also comes with an integrated media holder. The tablet holder is located just above the console, and you can set your tablet there during exercise to enjoy your favourite thing, which usually you like to watch or read on your tablet

11. Water Bottle Holder:

Sole cc81 climber has a dual water holder, and you can drink water during your workout. Drinking water is essential to stay hydrated.

Sole cc81 cardio climber reviews: Pros and Cons


  • Ten workout programs
  • Simple and easy adjustability
  • Full-body workout with low impact
  • Thick footprint and customized foot pedals
  • Solid frame that made of heavy-duty and welded steel
  • Sturdy and durable structure
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance and 25 pounds flywheel
  • Recommended maximum user weight 400 pounds
  • Multi-grip adjustable handlebars
  • Bluetooth compatible with the fitness app
  • Chest strap compatible heart rate monitor
  • Integrated media holder
  • Easy reach water bottle holder


  • The machine is non-folding
  • It is comparatively more significant than other climbers

Sole cc81 cardio climber reviews: Buying Guidelines

You are planning to buy a vertical climber machine, but you cannot decide because you need some buying guides. Am I right?

Okay, your waiting is over now; our sole cc81 cardio climber reviews are going to guide you on what things you need to consider before buying a vertical climber machine. You have to follow just a few things.

  • Adjustable Resistance: Resistance adjustability should be the first consideration to purchase a climber machine because you can feel many difficulties during your exercise. But the sole cc81 cardio climber has an adjustable resistance dial that ensures your safe workout.
  • Handles: You have to consider handlebars carefully because adjustable handlebars are very useful and comfortable for a full-body workout. Sole cc81 climber is highly flexible, and you can choose one height among four different height positions.
  • Digital Service: You have to find a kind of vertical climber that has an LCD and which can monitor your workout statistics and progress. Sole cc81 cardio climber has 5×3 inches, White Back-lit LCD Screen that can monitor your Time, Calories, Level, Heart Rate Program and so on.
  • Portability: Another consideration is portability—people who have minimal space at their home look for a foldable climber. Though the sole cc81 climber is not foldable, its compact design has the space-saving ability, and it is suitable for any home gym.
  • Warranty: Warranty is one of the most important considerations before buying any products we think. Good quality products always offer a guarantee for a long time. Sole is always the best fitness brand, and the sole cc81 cardio climber provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and five years for parts. 

So we think our sole cc81 cardio climber reviews have already guided you properly. I hope that you don’t have any more confusion on your mind. So you can make an instant decision now to start your climbing immediately with the sole cc81 cardio climber machine. I wish you all the best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are vertical climbers a good machine?

A: Of course, they are the most effective tools. A vertical climber is valuable because it is designed for a full-body workout essential for keeping your body fit.  A vertical climber machine combines both cardio and aerobic activity for your strength training. This is why vertical climber workout is effective and is a good machine.

Q: Do sole cc81 cardio climbers build muscle?

A: Sole cc81 cardio climber nowadays is the best machine to build muscle. This machine focuses, especially on your muscle groups. When you are climbing, your muscle groups move extensively. At Those moments, your heart pumps so fast, and your body metabolism increases. And finally, you get a toned muscle on your body.

Q: How often should I use a sole cc81 cardio climber?

A: You need to make sure to use your sole cc81 climber regularly. It would be best if you used it three days per week. If your schedule varies, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are using your machine on the same day. But three days a week is an ideal routine for your climbing workout.

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Q: Do Vertical climber machines lose weight?

A: Any vertical machine, including the sole cc81 cardio climber, boosts your metabolism and burns calories. It burns calories faster compared to treadmills, Stairmaster and so on.

Q: Is sole cc81 cardio climber quiet?

A: Yes, this machine is quiet. And it is perfect for those who are looking for a soft device that provides low-impact training.

Sole cc81 cardio climber review: User Experience

I am very excited because now I will share my two-month workout experience with the sole cc81 cardio climber with you all through this sole cc81 cardio climber reviews article.

I always plan to take my fitness game to the following challenging levels. Suddenly I started exercising with a sole cc81 cardio climber because this option has everything that I need. The sole cc81 cardio climber is a vertical climber machine that is built for severe fitness obsessive people. And of course, I am the one among them, so I added the sole cc81 cardio climber at my home gym with a compact and space-saving design.

When I start doing workouts, I feel it might be the simplest and fastest way to build muscle. I am losing weight dramatically by burning calories. It’s just two months, but the result is incredible. It sounds so amazing.

You know, the sole cc81 cardio climber is designed for a full-body workout with low impact. But I am surprised when I notice this incredible machine is strengthening my body muscles, building up my endurance and also increasing my stamina. It has adjustable handlebars, and I feel a shallow impact on my knees and lower back. It gives me a rock climbing-like feeling which is so comfortable. 

Also, I love its design. It has a stunning 5 inches by 3 inches LCD, and its integrated technology provides the main attraction because of having real-time progress monitoring. During the workout, I set my tablet to the tablet holder and played my favourite workout program. Sometimes I enjoy music and also my favourite TV show. I can drink water anytime during my workout because it has two water bottle holders. 

After buying my sole cc81 cardio climber, do you know what thing makes me happier? Sole offers a lifetime warranty for frames and five years warranty for parts.

However, I have shared my decent personal review with you. If you still have any doubt, you can try once. I love this sole cc81 cardio climber, and I hope you will also love it.


Sole cc81 cardio climber reviews have already let you know that it is a full-body vertical workout that targets all your major muscle groups, and you may feel a meagre impact on your back and knees at the beginning. We can keep faith on sole cc81 cardio climber undoubtedly because this one is an excellent addition to the sole lineup.

Many users find the sole cc81 climber is a stepper with handles. The vertical orientation of pedals and handles provide you more intense workouts though it’s very challenging. But if you are bored with your same old treadmill or elliptical, then the sole cc81 cardio climber might be an excellent change for you.

We hope our sole cc81 cardio climber review article may help you buy reliable climber equipment for your full-body workout. After reading this sole c81 cardio climber reviews, you might consider sole cc81 climber a new member of your home gym.

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