Serenelife Rowing Machine Review

Serenelife Rowing Machine Review (User Experience)

Serene life rowing machine review will state how you can work your entire body. It’s possible to do it while doing low-impact training by sitting on the padded row seat. Do you know what’s the best part in the beginning? Is that it is on a 15% discount from the cost price! We value your money thus we want to inform you guys of the best usage from serenelife rowing machine review. 

In achieving your fitness goals, this rowing machine will provide you with a comfortable utilization that will benefit your entire body. Our serenelife rowing machine review will let you guys know various benefits and drawbacks. This piece of equipment is useful for providing regular workouts by strengthening muscles and developing core strength. 

As a result, our primary goal is to provide the most relevant information. We hope that this information will assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase a rowing machine. 

If you have less time, you can buy it without reading the reviews:

Serenelife rowing machine review

We’ve compiled some essential features and reputable user reviews to help you learn more about the equipment. We hope that our truthful assessments will provide you a solid understanding of the equipment.

Serenelife-Rowing-Machine-byuing guides

Therefore, our perspective from the machine will include all the answers to your mind. After learning about the equipment, you may judge it and let us know from your POV.


SereneLife’s foldable seated rowing machine is perfect for a home gym and will help you get full-body exercise while also increasing your cardiovascular levels.

Your muscular body parts can be exercised well with the air and magnetic rowing machine. Then you are likely to enjoy activeness in any sport due to strengthening your muscles. It includes advanced technology that helps you to burn fat, measure time, and walk for long distances. Considering its premium quality in having a metal alloy body that holds up to 250 LBS. Don’t worry about your height, because this machine is suitable for any height.

Now, when it comes to its resistance level, it consists of 8 major levels. Beginners should start with level 1, and as you expertise, you can twist the given button to increase levels. 

So, how does serenelife rowing machine review teach you to set yourself up with their equipment? First, start by positioning your feet low and fixing them in the feet straps. Once you sit on the padded seats, get the grip of the handlebar. The machine will work on your abdominal part by stretching your body. Slowly pull it backward then you notice that your seat is moving along with you as you bend on the machine. Determine whether the pull is too heavy for you or not. Our suggestion is to always start with low levels then crank up the resistance level to higher. 

If you want to stay fit and healthy, motivate yourself to bring a change to yourself. When you are dedicated, you are the one to feel stronger!


Item Weight62.3 lbs
FrameSteel metal alloy 
Weight ResistanceUp to 250 lbs
Adjustable Time SettingUp to 99 minutes
Resistance MechanismAir and Magnetic
Maximum Rowing Distance Measurement999.9 miles
Item dimensionL 77.2 x W 16.1 x H 29.9 inches
Warranty1 year

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Key features

Steel-made frame:

Durable frame is the strongest part of our serenelife rowing machine review. The ability of this frame to hold weight is 250 lbs or 113.4 kgs. It combines alloy metal and high-quality plastic parts as well.

Dual rail system:

This rowing machine is parallelly designed with two rail systems. When the seat is assembled over it, it glides forward smoothly. It is because of steel sheet covers that make it easier to use.

Air and magnetic resistance system:

The flywheel fan inside the equipment generates air pull pressure. It automatically starts working when you pull the handlebars to row. Now, the magnets come to work in stopping the machine from rowing. It also increases and decreases resistance levels.

Large padded seat:

As you seat on the equipment, you would notice a grip holding your back. It was put by developers to hold on a place while rowing the machine. Its top is made of a polyurethane sheet that is curved to provide the user with improved stability.

Rubberized grip handlebars:

These handlebars will cause less main when you’ll row the machine. Due to its rubberized grip, you can hold onto the handles comfortably. However, it doesn’t include any sensors on the handlebar.

Wide footrests:

Feet of any size fit in this rowing machine and it has a paddle style design. They include a ribbed surface for a better touch, as well as heel protectors for added stability. They also include straps that may be adjusted.

LCD Display:

A modern technology display is given along with the product. You can measure time, distance, the number of rows, and calories burned. The exact amount of digits will show correctly on the LCD screen.

Heavy but stable:

We have seen a serenelife rowing machine review highlighting the heavy weight of the machine. Well, it is indeed 62.3 lbs or 28.2 kgs but it ensures stability of rowing. It has base bars that can be laid flat on any surface and give stability while using.

Less need to assemble:

It is not that difficult to set this machine. As it comes with a user manual, it includes all the steps to assemble. Having home tools can make the equipment good to use. 

Little or no noise rower:

This rowing machine runs by air and magnetic resistance. Therefore it is expected not to have any pinpoint noise. 

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Pros and cons of serenelife rowing machine review


  • Ensures stability by a dual rail system
  • Large padded seat, fit for any size
  • Consists of wide footrests and adjustable straps
  • Strongly built, can hold up to 250 lbs
  • Easy to grasp the handlebar 
  • Magnetic resistance brake also increase or decrease difficulty
  • Air resistance help to run the flywheel smoothly
  • Makes very little noise as a rower
  • Can be assembled by anyone using simple tools
  • Includes exercise meter on the LCD display


  • Too heavy and long for a home gym equipment
  • Fitness meter could be a little bigger

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Serenelife rowing machine review: Buying Guides

Before buying a piece of equipment for long use, you must get to know the product perfectly. This is why we are here to let you guys know all the tips you need to know before buying a rowing machine. As we have researched the product thoroughly, we hope to provide you guys the best guides. Why wait for more then let’s look into the tips!

Equipment noise should be checked properly:

When buying magnetic resistance equipment, we must know that these accessories do not make any sound. It only does when parts inside it are too old. Thus it is better to check your rowing machine noise correctly before buying it.

Think about whether you can maintain the rowing machine:

Some particular machines require very little maintenance. Once it is set up fully, it might last longer if it is taken care of every day. This can be done with the help of hand tools, some cotton rags, etc.

Consider its size and where to keep it:

We have read about the equipment’s length and width in serenelife rowing machine review. Even though the machine is quite long and heavy to be kept at the house, you must always pre-plan a space for keeping it. 

Check every specific part:

These include seat, monitor, resistance, and bolts. You must inspect well before getting unlucky for buying a faulty product. Otherwise, it may cost you excess money to repair.

Always go for warranty card period:

If you are buying a product from a shop, don’t forget to receive the warranty card from the shop. This is necessary because it will give you free repair for next one year after purchase.

When you go for a rowing machine, we believe these should be on your mind. On that basis, we attempted to consider the situation from the buyer’s point of view and compiled some recommendations. We hope we’ve organized the points in a way that makes sense to you. We will be much happier after we have received your responses. This is why we are hoping for positive feedback! 

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Frequently Asked Questions from Serenelife rowing machine review

  1. Is it necessary to buy a mat along with it? 

The Serenelife rowing machine comes with a stable flat base. It was built with strong materials to keep it in place. But if your floor is too slippery, you won’t be able to enjoy a smooth performance. Thus, it is better to buy any mat and place the equipment over it. 

  1. What body parts will it help?

Rowing exercise will build up your lower body quadriceps and glutes, upper body deltoids, and lats including core muscles. By doing these movements, you will be able to strengthen these muscles. But it won’t happen in a day. It will definitely take time.

  1. What if the rope tears while training?

This is a significant leap of faith for those who have not yet put the durability of rowing machine rope to the test. These are made of tough nylon straps that are nearly impossible to rip with human strength. However, when the equipment ages, it can be replaced after a few years of service.

  1. Are beginners gonna suffer back pain in the early days?

As the training requires you to be seated on a lower surface, you’ll have to bend your back. But as you pull the handlebars to train, you’ll stretch your body. This is why you’re likely to suffer back pains in the early days. But as you train every day, you’ll suit the equipment normally.

  1. From where can it be bought?

Gym equipment is often found on or some large shops own it. You will find many shops online once you search for rowing machines. Now, it is your choice to get your rowing machine from any one of them!

Serenelife rowing machine review: User Experience 

We have asked a user of the serenelife rowing machine to let us know his experience. This was done to let you guys know how you guys will also experience once getting a rowing machine. We truly are dedicated to servicing you guys with the best tips on rowing machines. Therefore this activity was done with the intention to spread knowledge on the rowing machine. Let us see how he experienced it!


Hi, I’m a businessman and I don’t get time to work on my abdominal muscles. Day by day I was getting healthier, stressed, and whatnot. One day my son came up with the idea of getting a rowing machine. After getting to know how it works, I was determined to buy and start training on it.  My first day was full of struggles. I suffered from back pains for the first week.

But later on, I got used to it. I started with level 1 difficulty and now I can go for 6 to 7 levels. The adjustable system was so easy that it helped me lose a lot of calories. I never expected myself that even at home it was impossible. I dreamt of bringing such a change and now I have finally achieved it. All credits go to the rowing machine that made me feel this motivated today. I thank Serenelife for introducing this wonderful product.

And there we go! As you’ve learned about how a user experienced the true benefits, you’re free to consider your thoughts. In the end, we could portray this scenario to you guys! Hoping to get beautiful responses that will motivate us more to look forward to bringing these reviews. 


When we hear the word ‘rowing machine’ the first thing that comes to our mind might be something relating to a boat, right? That is how serenelife rowing machine review told us how it may help us indoors. This gym equipment is used to perform simple exercises and helps to boost stamina and increase the performance of our bodies. So why should you buy a rowing machine? Outweighing its cons, this certain gym equipment will help you get in shape and eventually work to improve your immune system. 

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