Reviews on sole f63 treadmill

Reviews on Sole F63 Treadmill – (User Experience)

Reviews on sole f63 treadmill are going to look at your f63 treadmill today. So guys, welcome to our sole f63 treadmill reviews article. 

Bringing home a treadmill is a great way to kick start a fitness program or continue a healthy lifestyle. But it’s a big investment with so many treadmills on the market. It’s very important to find the right one. So many people cannot decide which one they should buy.

If you have less time, you can buy without reading reviews:

Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Our reviews on sole f63 treadmill can undoubtedly declare that the sole f63 treadmill is one of the highest quality treadmills with a friendly budget, exactly what you are looking for. 

Sole F63 Treadmill


Sole f63 treadmill is simply the best quality indoor treadmill with an affordable price range. This treadmill is highly rated. This treadmill includes a large running surface, powerful motor, LCD display screen, water and tablet holder which make you feel you are running straight into the future. To make easy of your challenging workout program, sole f63 also includes Bluetooth incompatibility. Users can transfer their workout data to their smart devices from their fitness equipment. 

And what’s more? To know in details, keep your eyes on our reviews on sole f63 treadmill.


Product NameSole f63 treadmill
Package Weight260 pounds
Package Dimensions(L×W×H)77.8×37.2×15.4 inches
Item Weight254 pounds
Item Dimensions(L×W×H)75×33×58 inches
Assembly RequiredYes
Folding CapacityYes
Folded Dimensions (H×D)68×43 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity325 pound
Running Surface20×60 inches
Footprint Dimension (L×W×H)82×35×57 inches
Maximum Speed12 miles per hour
Total Program10
Motor3.0 CHP
BeltPhenolic Deck w/Shock Absorption 2-ply  (1”)
Roller2.5 inches
Height at 15% incline14 inches
Step Up Height8 inches
DisplayWhite Black-lit 6.5 inches LCD
OtherBluetooth Speaker CompatibleMedia Rack with adjustable clipUEB Device ChargingPulse Grip & Chest Strap CompatibleOne cooling FanTwo Speakers
WarrantyFrame & Motor: LifetimeParts & Electronics: 3yearsLabor: 1 year

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1. Motor:

We found from the reviews on sole f63 treadmill that the motor is quiet and built on a solid steel frame. This frame ensures stability. It also has steel upright that supports the console and heavy handlebars with a strong grip that make you feel comfortable. The 3.0 CHP motor supports walking, jogging and running workouts. The reviews on sole f63 treadmill also showed the motor of f63 is kept cool by heavy-duty flywheels that ensure its durability.

2. Display:

The sole f63 comes with a 6.5 inch white backlit LCD screen. The LCD screen is bright blue and black-lit for easy visibility. You can see it even in the dark room. The screen provides all the key information about your workout.

The screen is particularly divided into three segments in our reviews on sole f63 treadmill. 

  • The left part prominently displays your elapsed time with your distance and speed underneath the time
  • The middle section is thinner that can track your pace, incline, calorie burn and pulse.
  • The last segment helps you visualize your progress showing a ¼ track. 

3. Various Workout Program:

There are ten workouts available on the sole f63 treadmill.

Our reviews on sole f63 treadmill help us to categorize the workout programs into three types-

  • Six standard workouts 
  • Two heart rate programs
  • Two custom programs

For six standard workouts, you have Manual, Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Strength and Interval.

For the heart rate program, you need to enter your age. Then you can select two programs- Cardiovascular fitness or weight loss. When you will choose your program, you need to wear the included chest strap. It will make sure that you are within your target heart rate zone.

For the two customs programs, it has two different user profiles. Here, you can make a profile with your age and weight. Once it is saved, you will be able to alter the original program that suits your custom program.

Furthermore, with the help of our reviews on sole f63 treadmill, we discovered when you download the Sole Fitness App you can sync your treadmill data to the App. The app is well suited with several fitness sites such as MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, iHealth, FitBit and so on.

4. Speakers:

The sole f63 treadmill includes two speakers. They are located just above the cup holders. The speakers offer a very decent sound quality. You can plug your phone in with a cord that comes with a standard jack. So you can enjoy your music through the speakers by plugging your phone. 

We have noticed during the writing of our reviews on sole f63 treadmill that the treadmill is Bluetooth receptive. You can play music on your treadmill speakers when you sync your phone. You can set your phone to the side and listen to your favorite music hands-free.

There is also a headphone so that you can input the audio and then skip the speakers altogether.

5. Fans:

In the upper part of the sole f63 treadmill console, there is a set of fans. The direction of those fans can be adjusted either up or down. In our reviews on sole f63 treadmill we are claiming that those fans are not super effective because the breeze generated is not very strong and it has only one setting. So you should keep this treadmill in a well-ventilated place.

6. Cushioning:

The sole f63 treadmill has Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which is Sole Fitness’ Patented. It helps to minimize joint pain. Actually, it has the ability to reduce up to 40% impact on users.

7. Handrails:

Your incline and your speed adjustments have on the handrails. Between two handrails, it does not have lots of space. So, when you use the handrails, you have no chance to bump your incline and speed adjustments accidentally.

8. Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor:

The sole f63 treadmill integrates with Bluetooth syncing chest straps and comes with contact pulse monitors built in. In this article on reviews on sole f63 treadmill also going to let you know, when your machine gets any difficulties, you can utilize your heart beat rate data to guide and can choose to speed up or slow down your walking, running or jogging at any time.

9. Handlebar Pulse Grips:

this treadmill also provides handlebar pulse grip. If you don’t want to wear a chest strap but you need to check your heart rate then you have these options. Handlebar pulse grips are not a bothering feature, so just  place your both hands on the grips to get pulse reading. When we studied for the reviews on sole f63 treadmill, we detected that the handlebar grips are not very accurate. So, a chest strap is always better for you that comes with your sole f63 treadmill.

10. Handgrip Adjustment Buttons:

All your controls are here on the handgrip adjustment buttons for the screen. You can shuffle through the programs, change your incline or decline, and change your speed as well.

11. Two Water Bottle Holders and an Accessory Tray:

There are two water bottle holders in this treadmill. They have a nice big space for your water bottle. There is also a small space where you can keep your keys or phones. Besides two cup holders, there is an accessory tray attached just below the console.

11. Easy Folding:

Though the f63 has a solid frame and good-sized deck, it can easily be folded up and locked for convenience. It has four wheels which make it easy to roll and slide out of the way.  


  • Sturdy frame with long 20 inch by 60 inch deck
  • Cushion Flex Deck minimize impact on joints
  • Up to 15% incline
  • Bluetooth compatible for sole App
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Secured and integrated tablet holder
  • Can easily be folded up 
  • Easy to maneuver around the home
  • Have Bluetooth audio speakers and USB charging port
  • No need WiFi or any subscription to run; just plug in and start
  • Heart rate chest strap sync with two onboard heart rate programs
  • Offers maximum 325 pounds weight capacity
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
  • Motor is quiet with smooth adjustments
  • Affordable price


  • Fan is not super powerful

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Best Users for the Sole F63 Treadmill:

Our sole f63 reviews article has already informed you that the f63 motor is not very large. The sole f63 with a 3.0 CHP motor is best suited for those users who just want to walk or jog. We suggest this treadmill to anyone who stays under 10miles a week at a higher speed like 6.0 mph or more. This 3.0 CHP motor is really perfect to sustain lower speeds for longer amounts of time. Facing the treadmill 15% incline, walkers and joggers may find plenty of challenges because it is rather high at this price point.

Subscription Service of Sole F63 Treadmill:

Reviews on sole f63 treadmill now are going to describe its subscription service on your f63 treadmill which might be very useful to know for you. So let’s get started now

  • Name: Sole Fitness
  • Cost: Free
  • Community: None
  • Short Description: Sole created an App named Sole Fitness which pairs with their treadmills. This application helps you to see what exactly you can see on your treadmill display. It can be controlled from your mobile device but you may find this service is slow. This app does not have outdoor features to track your activity outside.
  • Limitations: we are happy because this service is free. But it does not have so many uses. 
  1. Sole fitness app connects to various Bluetooth-enabled devices. F63 is also a Bluetooth enabled treadmill and it connects to the Sole Fitness App. But this App still has some problematic issues.
  2. This service cannot transfer data from the treadmill to the App. So, you need to set up a profile both on your treadmill and App.
  3. The app does not sync a workout done if you don’t open the App.
  4. When you want to run the App, you cannot use your device while working.

Overall, this app has an amazing use. It is not as bad as some people think. It has just some specific limitations.

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Things to Consider before buying a treadmill:


Belt Size:

Belt size should be your first consideration before buying a treadmill. This Belt size must be at least 48inces long and 18 inches wide. The belt size sole f63 treadmill is 60 inches long and 20 wide which is really an ideal size for any user.


Your second consideration is cushioning for any treadmill. If your plan is to run regularly on the treadmill, you should buy one which goes up to 10mph or higher. 

Did you notice the speed of the f63 treadmill on the specifications? It offers 12mph as maximum speed.

Weight and Stability:

Weight and stability considerations are important because you need a safe treadmill. You are running on your treadmill and it starts shaking, then do you have any idea what’s to be happened? It can potentially harm the users. But f63 has a very strong frame and you will never experience such a thing. Also f63 has a large weight capacity, 325 pounds maximum.

Space and Size:

For your home gym, treadmill size matters a lot. So, before buying a treadmill you must consider the space of your room. It’s really amazing that sole f63 is easy to fold and you can save space at your home gym.


Anyone can judge the quality of treadmill by the manufacturer’s warranty. So you should find a treadmill with lifetime warranty. And the sole f63 treadmill is waiting here for you with lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the sole f63 a good treadmill?

A: The sole f63 treadmill is considered as the great treadmill for walker and joggers. F63 is a simple and quality treadmill that is lightweight but offers high weight-capacity. The weight of f63 treadmill is 254 pounds but it supports maximum 325 pounds weight. Also, with a reasonable price you have so many effective features on your f63 treadmill. So, obviously, it is a very good treadmill.

Q: Where can I buy a sole f63 treadmill?

A: The best place to buy the fc3 treadmills is directly through the manufacturer. Also, you can order your f63 treadmill from different online fitness shops.

Q: Is sole fitness a good brand?

A: Yes, of course. Sole fitness brand has become popular worldwide. All fitness equipment from SOLE have received countless “Best Buy” reviews and ratings year in and year out from the most reputed consumer review site and magazine.

Q: How loud is the sole f63 treadmill?

A: The f63 motor is quiet and can carry through you your walking, jogging and running workout smooth and fine. Sole treadmills are impressive for their low noise.

The following decibel levels were measured on the sole f63 treadmill:

  • 70 Decibels- 3mph, Belt on only (3% grade)
  • 72 Decibels- 3mph, when a person walking (3% grade)
  • 76 Decibels- 6mph, Belt on only(3% grade)
  • 84 Decibels- 6mph, when  a person running (3% grade)

Q: What year did the sole f63 come out?

A: The sole f63 treadmill was first available on 15th September 2008.

User Experience:

I have been using a sole f63 treadmill for three years. So now I am going to share my experience using the sole f63 treadmill.

  • My sole f63 treadmill is a folding treadmill so I found that it’s great for saving space in my little home gym. After my workouts, I can easily fold my treadmill and never face any problem to keep my treadmill to a certain place. Can you guess why it’s so easy to move?  Because it has four wheels at the base that make it uncomplicated to slide around.
  • I love the 6.5 inches LCD screen because I can do it in my dark room. Also this screen adds the simplicity of my f63 treadmill. In my f63 treadmill, I have my 10 preset programs. I also can control my speed from the handrail buttons.
  • This treadmill has good heart rate monitors. so, I can say that this works really well.
  • I have two water bottle holders on my f63 treadmill and there is also a small space where I keep my keys.

I can keep my tablet on the holder which is located at the top. so, I can plug my smartphone and enjoy music through the speakers of my f63 treadmill.

Finally, I would like to tell you honestly that I have experienced an excellent workout with my sole f63 treadmill. I am really in love with it.

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We have tried to provide information on sole f63 treadmills and we are now at the last part of our essay. From our reviews on sole f63 treadmill we can give this treadmill five stars because for this price range, it’s got a strong build and it is really reliable with a long warranty.

This treadmill is very simple to use but it gives you ultimate service with ten workout programs. Also its stable and durable features will make you satisfied beyond your expectations.

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