NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill Review

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill review article glad to make an informative article that will help you learn more about this fantastic treadmill model. The treadmill is for your walk, run and jog at your home comfortably. By receiving appreciation from the users, it becomes the best choice product. Everyone loves its smooth experience. 

Treadmills are the perfect gym item for home gyms. If you want to maintain strong muscles and bones, reduce lower back pain, and control blood pressure, a treadmill is your best option. Several treadmills are available at the market, so it might confuse which one to buy

So, the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill reviews will present specific information regarding the item to help you decide to buy this fantastic product. 

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill

Are you looking for a treadmill for your home gym at a reasonable price? Then you have come to the right article. 

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill comes with a black heavy-duty steel frame. It has an eye-catching LCD screen, stationary handles, transportation wheels, safety key, speedometer, sound system, and many other features. 

The NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill has 20 built-in programs for you to choose from and make workouts exciting. It also has a 20-inch wide and 55-inch long running belt with FlexSelect Cushioning. This feature helps you replicate the on-road running experience, and you can modify cushioning to the running surface to reduce joint impact while running.

The NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill is excellent for the cardio workout, which burns fat, strengthens the muscles, and keeps your heart healthy. You can adjust your cardio level to your preference. 

We’ve added many sections to the article to give you a particular and clear image of the product. Let’s get onto the next part of the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si reviews to learn more about the treadmill.

Full specification

Product nameNordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill
Product colorBlack
Number of items1
Model NameNTL17915
Model Year20
Packet dimensions ( L x W x H)194.31 x 78.74 x 27.94 cm
Item Dimensions ( L x W x H)185.42 x 90.932 x 171.45 cm
Package Weight93.44 Kilograms
Suggested UsersFitness
Product materialSteel
Maximum weight capacity136.078 kilograms
Sport and activityGym and training
Power sourceCorded electric
Maximum horsepowerThree horsepower
Speed rating10 mph (miles per hour)
Deck length139.7 cm
Maximum incline percentage10 percent
Running area50.8 x 139.7 cm
Built-in programs20
Weight of unit196
StyleT series 6.5 S Treadmill with One Month iFit Membership
Heart rate sensor typeDual cardio-grip heart rate monitor sensors and chest strap compatible
Included ComponentsTreadmill
UsesHome use
Number of user profile5 plus
WarrantyIt has a 10-year frame warranty, a 2-year motor warranty, two-year parts, and a 1-year labor warranty.
Measurement providedHeart Rate, Speed, Incline, Distance, Calories
Other available featuresFoldable, Transportation wheels, Incline adjustment, Stationary Handles, water bottle holder, Speedometer and Calorie Monitor.

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Key Features

The features of the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill make it very desirable for people. So NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill reviews will now demonstrate the critical elements of this fantastic treadmill. Let’s get started. 

Display Features:

The 10″ HD Touchscreen of the T series 6.5 Si treadmills allow you to view your progress very quickly. And you can view workout programs of your personal choice. Stats tracking are easy and effective. For practical cardio training or simply running, the Smart-Response motor is beneficial.

Workout Program Features:

To achieve your personal goals, you can choose from various workouts that come with the treadmill. Traditional selections are for your preferred speed, calorie-burning purposes, time management, incline and distance, heart rate, and pacing. The NordicTrack t series 6.5 si comes with 12-month iFit membership, and through it, you can access over 16,000 different workouts. If you don’t want to pay for an additional membership, you can bypass it and still get 20 built-in programs. Each program is very effective for endurance training and calorie burning.

Spacious Running Track:

The running area has efficient space as it is 20″ x 50″. Because of that, the tread deck has plenty of leg and elbow space, making it easy for you while you run.

Motor Features:

This treadmill comes with a 2.6 CHP motor which has a 25-year warranty. The motor is equipped with self-cooling technology to support HIIT workouts and enormous cardio training and endurance running.

Space Saving Features:

The Space saver design with easy lift Assist allows you to fold up the treadmill after the workout. The t series 6.5 folds smoothly. You can save space and store it very quickly. You can keep it in one place, but if you need to move it, you move around because of having two wheels under the front. It is easy to roll it into the place you desire to keep it.

Incline range:

The NordicTrack t series 6.5 si has 10% OneTouch incline control. The incline range is 0%-10% which is steep enough for home gym users. Workout with incline engages glutes and hamstrings, which conditions the leg to be balanced.

FlexSelect Cushioning:

This treadmill comes with a shock-absorption system. Under the deck, it has spongy orange dampeners. You can turn it on to reduce the impact on the joints too. The cushioning is excellent to keep your joints and knees from damage. If you prefer an outdoor running experience, you can put the cushioning off. So the deck becomes more rigid and gives off an outdoor walk feeling.

Extra features:

The machine has a sound system that is Bluetooth and iPod compatible. While working out, you can enjoy listening to music or your favorite podcasts through the dual 2″ speakers. The handlebars have built-in CardioGrip TM sensors which can monitor your heart rate. The treadmill has a water bottle holder on the side that keeps water in hand reach to keep you hydrated.

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill: Pros and Cons


  • Price is very budget-friendly.
  • The FlexSelect cushioning let you choose between low joint impact or outdoor feel. 
  • 20 built-in programs.
  • It’s foldable.
  • The Easy-lift Assist makes it fold very quickly in one step.
  • Easily moveable.
  • The large 10″ HD display is helpful to view progress easily.
  • The instructor can set speed and incline because of the live technology.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 136 kg.
  • The updated model comes with a one-year iFit subscription.
  • Bluetooth-compatible built-in speakers.
  • The OneTouch controls.
  • No WiFi is needed to run the built-in programs.


  • No cooling fan.

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Things to remember before buying a treadmill

Running on a treadmill to do a workout is very beneficial for our health and wellness. It helps us burn unnecessary body fat and gain healthy muscle. Running is also proved to improve cardiovascular fitness. That’s why treadmills are very desirable home gym equipment for most people. Moreover, it would help if you considered few crucial factors before choosing a treadmill for you. NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill reviews are going to assist you through some points that you need to remember  before choosing a treadmill:

Comfort level:

For a home gym, it’s essential to get a treadmill that will be comfortable for you. So you can avoid getting injured by any means.

Adjustable incline:

Adjustable incline level is essential for deciding whether to do an easy or hard workout. Buying a treadmill with an adjustable incline is necessary if you want to choose between stiff and easy exercises.

Deck length:

To run comfortably, you need to choose a treadmill that contains a spacious running area. So focus on the deck length while purchasing your treadmill.


The most crucial factor for a treadmill is stability. An unstable treadmill will be very uncomfortable and bothersome in more than one way. If the treadmill is not stable enough, it will shake and make noises while you run on it. Hence, for a smooth-running experience, it is essential to check the stability.

Digital Display:

In these digital times, the uses and importance of digital displays are enormous. A digital display on your treadmill can keep you motivated in your workout target program. And it can make your workouts more enjoyable and smooth by keeping track of your workout data.

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Easy to follow instructions:

For home gym users, direct instructions are essential. So make sure to purchase a treadmill that has easy-to-follow instructions and features like OneTouch controls.

Safety key:

Few treadmills activate when you insert a safety key. And can stop your treadmill when you take the key out. It is an essential feature for safety, especially if you have children.

All the functions that have been mentioned above by the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill reviews can be found in the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill. It also comes at an attractive and affordable price. As your view on the product has been made crystal clear by now, you can take the step to purchase the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill for your desirable physical health.

NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill: User Experience

You practically know every detail by now about this treadmill. It’s been nearly seven weeks since I started using this treadmill; I am delighted with the product.

Every detail about the product has been written already. So from my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s a perfect treadmill model for such a low price. It is also smooth to run in and saves up a lot of space. My apartment is small, so the folding system has been very beneficial. I do workouts, and then I can put it away in the closet all by myself. 

I love the simple instructions of this treadmill. Those instructions are simple to follow. My parents also can do workouts following the instructions quickly too.  The incline level works perfectly for me. So lastly, all I can say is, this is the best home gym equipment purchase I ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill foldable?

A: Yes, it is foldable. You could fold it with EasyLift Assist. This feature helps you lift the deck and fold it. So it’s much easier to clean and keep in storage.

Q: Do you need to lubricate before first use?

A: Not at all! The assembly instructions do not mention lubricating it before first use. So, no need to do it.

Q: Do you need professional help to assemble the treadmill?

A: The assembly instruction is very well written and easy to follow, so you don’t need professional help to assemble it. You can seek the use of a friend because several parts are weighty; otherwise, you can make them alone with the instructions.

Q: How long is the warranty duration of the NordicTrack t series treadmill?

A: The frame has a ten-year warranty and a two-year warranty on the parts such as motors and HD screen. And 1-year labor warranty.

Q: If I don’t use the iFit feature, will I still get speed, incline, distance, etc., displayed?

A: Yes, of course! It would be best if you use the manual mode. And you can also change the incline and speed according to your preference. The iFit feature is a bonus for use. But you’re free to use the manual mode. 


We are now at the final part of the NordicTrack t series 6.5 si treadmill review article. We hope this article will be informative and help you make an excellent decision to buy this treadmill. It is the best treadmill you will find with various helpful features and a good deal. So take a step towards better physical health and your desired fitness by bringing it home today! 

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