Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review will discuss our views and give you information. We intend to give you guys our honest views. In order to give the right information about the product, we have some plans. Our first plan will provide you guys with a description. Followed by specifications and key features. To get informed about all these, do stay with us!

Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Is it necessary to know how this equipment will help you? Yes, and in the beginning, we are ensuring the usage. First, it will boost your stamina by burning your calories. It also puts less strength on your joints and gives both upper and lower body workouts. You’re likely to see the changes in your body as you work on the machine.

Supposing you guys to understand our perspective about the product. With that being said, we welcome you to our Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

If you have less time, you can buy the product without reading the reviews:

Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

The Niceday Elliptical Trainer is an excellent piece of gym equipment for strengthening your cardiovascular muscles. Overall, the product’s design and construction will persuade you that it is worthwhile to purchase.

Niceday Elliptical machines come with 90% assembled parts. Thus you don’t need to take the hassle of assembling critical parts. It can be set by using simple hand tools. People who have a height from 4’9 to 6’2 are the most suitable ones to use the product. The most amazing part of the machine is its flywheel part. It was named ‘Hyper Quiet Magnetic System’ for being one of the most silent gym equipment in the market.

Having more resistance levels on an elliptical machine is useful. Because it will help you chase higher levels as you expertise on exercising on the machine. That is why this elliptical trainer comes with 16 resistance levels. Also, it has a 16lb flywheel that works without electricity. Aren’t all these pieces of information making you curious about the product? We’re sure it is!

After knowing the short information and description, we hope we have caught your attention. We try to let you guys know about our honest views on the product. The reason to repeat this again is that we don’t want to let you down.  On the further headings, you will get to know about the parts and also the pros and cons. 

Hence, our motive will surely be on the Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review that you’re reading. Do let us know how much we could inform you guys as well!


ColorBlack and Orange
Resistance SystemMagnetic
Stride length15.5”
Weight93.7 lbs
Dimensions120xm x 62cm x 158cm
Maximum weight capacity400 lbs
Resistance level16
LCD Monitor CapabilityHeart Rate, Calories, Time, and Distance

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Key Features 

Modish Structure

The designers of the Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer 2021 model attempted to create a stylish product. This is precisely what entices users to select it. The use of a black and orange color scheme really brought the design to life. 

Rear-mounted Flywheel

Every item should have a unique design to be popular in the market. This is one of them. The producers built it at the back so that users can pedal both forward or backward. By moving in a smooth motion, you can work well on your leg strength.

Hyper Quiet Magnetic System

In our Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review, we have found that it is the most important feature. It literally makes zero noise while operating. Flywheels’ consistency within it is so smooth that it gives a special attraction to each user. 

Long and wide well gripped pedals

The main thing for you is to remain stable while using the machine. Even with shoes off, you may not fear slipping off the equipment. If your feet move much while stepping on the pedal, you may remain calm. As the oversized pedals will have plenty of space to balance your feet. 

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LCD Battery Powered Display

Equipment that is totally free of electricity. This is what the developers intended while making this model. An example is the use of batteries in the LCD display. But the best feature is that it shows the exact rate of pulses, calories and shows the correct time. Reset, Mode, and Set are the three buttons that will help you to use the monitor. 

Moveable and permanent handles

These two main handles do the work of different body parts. The fixed one helps to strengthen thighs while moving one while helps in hands. 

Huge weight capacity

Yes, you saw it right. It can indeed hold 400 lbs. The builders thought about obese people who struggle with their weight. This machine is the most suitable option for them. By including a steel loading base, they have made it possible.

Pros and Cons of Niceday Elliptical Trainer Review


  • Easy to put together
  • Comes step by step with assembly instructions
  • Screws can be fixed by simple home tools such as a handy wrench
  • Transportation wheels were added to move it around
  • 90% of the parts are pre-assembled
  • Cover of bolts given to bring a good look
  • Convenient right and left signs on handles 
  • 16 resistance levels 
  • Restockable batteries in the display


  • Item weight might be too heavy for any user
  • Instruction Manual should be in other languages

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Niceday Elliptical Trainer Review: Buying Guide

Niceday-Elliptical Buying Guide

When you buy an elliptical machine, you shall keep in mind various factors. You must expect it to give you a wide range of exercise. Therefore we have come with the best solutions to your confusion. In this Niceday Elliptical Trainer Review, this is the buying guide part. Here, we will show you the finest guidance before buying the product. Let’s start:

  • Stride length bigger isn’t better: You must always try a piece of gym equipment before buying. That is because not all machines will fit your height. Also, it’s not worth buying if it only fits your height. For home gym equipment, you must buy one that fits at least 2 people.
  • Don’t buy a lightweight elliptical machine: If you have experienced outdoor gym equipment, you may have felt that those are quite heavy. Therefore flywheel weight must be heavy to get a stable feeling when riding.
  • Make sure it provides a smooth workout:  New items should give a new feeling. That feeling must be smooth and gentle to you. Do replace your newly bought item if you don’t feel smooth while riding.
  • Pick a place to keep: Even if the machine is transportable from a place to another, you must prepare a place to keep it. In this case, you don’t need to take the hassle of moving other furniture. That saves up a lot of time while setting your elliptical machine.

These are the key buying guides that you should consider. We have researched through thick and thin to let you guys know the perfect information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Q: How much time will the other 10% assembly take when it is at my home?

A: When you receive the product, it must not take more than 30 mins to set up. An easy setup instruction manual is already given that will help you to put it together conveniently. 

Q: What if I face a problem with the trainer in between working out?

A: A good thing about Niceday is that they are providing lifelong service. You can contact them via online sites about your problem. Then they are likely to respond to you as soon as possible.

Q: Is it a suitable option for old people?

A: One of the tasks of elliptical machines is that they fix joints via working out. Old people should start their exercise from resistance level 1 then take time to expertise on further levels. That is how they can remain fit and healthy.

Q: Will the monitor automatically reset my progression after working out?

A: No way, that’s not going to happen. Unless you push the reset button, the machine will automatically restart where you left off until you do.

Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review: User Experience

Niceday-Elliptical User Experience

Being a mother of two young children I can’t make time to visit the gym. Then one day, I ordered my elliptical machine from amazon. I’ve been working out since then. It has been more than 10 months, and my physical health changed a lot. From the very first day as far as I remember, I struggled a bit to pull it up from the box. After setting all the parts side by side, I gently read the assembly instruction that came with the packaging. But it wasn’t tough to set up. All I needed was a wrench to tighten the bolts.

Lastly, by fixing the monitor and pedals I could easily use the machine. I began with level 1 resistance then slowly higher up the levels as I got used to it. My physical and mental health got the most benefits from using it. The product still works smoothly like day one and makes no pinpoint noise while using it. Hence, I give all the credits for my improvement to the one and only Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer.


Among many other pieces of gym equipment, our Niceday Elliptical Cross Trainer Review has portrayed different sides. Things that caught our attention are the magnificent design and magnetic resistance system. We think these two parts are worth the money. Therefore purchasing the product from our recommendation won’t let you down. 

In the end, we gave our best to let you guys know about each part. In estimation, this elliptical machine from Niceday won’t disappoint you. Lastly, we would love to get your responses from reading our review. Ending it by thanking all of you for staying with us till now!

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