Gymenist Exercise Bench Foldable Review

Gymenist Exercise Bench Foldable Review

Gymenist exercise bench foldable review brings out all the information contained around ‎FOLD-110B. FOLD-110B is a great traveling bench, and its super foldability makes it great for home storage. When you are carrying it folded with your hand, you will feel like a guitar case you are holding. It’s not heavy and quite effective for quality exercising. 

If you do not have enough time to buy the product without reading the reviews:

Gymenist Exercise Bench Foldable Review

Nowadays, people in the modern era value time and quality more than any other thing. There is a competition going on in the world market to bring out the best among the best. According to productivity theory, everyone can’t build the same product with the same quality and cost. It varies with many things around the combination of the product.

GYMENIST is one of them who cares and can build the best budget exercises bench. Many important things were considered while designing the product. Like every time GYMENIST reaches the milestone which is giving the customers value with their taste and satisfying them with the perfect satisfaction.

However, FOLD-110B satisfies us with its excellent combination of abilities. Not all the physical abilities of all people are the same. Why not the product mutuals these abilities. Considering that, it was designed with various positions more than a man may commonly need. So let’s keep reading to know more about the FOLD-110B.

GYMENIST Exercise Bench (FOLD-110B)

GYMENIST is one of the brands with a positive reputation in the world market of gym equipment manufacturers. FOLD-110B is just like any other best-made from GYMENIST.

The FOLD-110B comes with a standard adjustable qualification. This large-size bench allows you to find your best comfort among its various positionings. 

The seat, footrest, and backrest can be adjusted to many different positions, which will allow you to do tons of exercises. When you are doing sit-ups, and you are on the decline, you can make the seat a little higher to make yourself more comfortable with your exercise. To support your legs, the footrest comes with soft padded foams.

A free cushion for the back is included so that you can move both sides of the up and down the back of the bench to put it where you find the most comfortable position for you. So, FOLD-110B is such a bench that ensures your comfort and can be used for all exercises needed.

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One of the exciting things about FOLD-110B is that it doesn’t require any assembly. You will find the bench fully assembled when you get it. Just take it out of the box, use the pins to adjust the back and seat of the bench to adjust your position, and it’s entirely ready for use. Along with this ability, this large-size bench can be folded in half of its size. These qualities make this bench great for traveling and easy storage.

The weight capacity is another important consideration for a bench, not because a bench is universal to hold weights but to be sure if it is strong enough to provide you independence with your weight. You would be happy to know that FOLD-110B supports up to 550 LBS, which is plenty enough to hold any random human. Also, If the floor is not balanced, the ends of the legs can be rotated to keep your concentration from wobbling while balancing with the floor.

The seat and backrest are made with high-quality, smooth fabric material, which will give you essential comfort when you lean your body against the seat.

So, we are satisfied with its quality build. We will discuss this product furthermore in the gymenist exercise bench foldable review right below.

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Best Features

  • The bench comes fully assembled. You will have to take it out of the box, pin your comfortable position, and it’s all ready to use.
  • This bench is adjustable to various positions. This feature was designed considering that you might need to work out from incline, flat & decline positions.
  • A free cushion is included for the back. You can put it where it’s most comfortable for you by moving up and down the back of the bench.
  • Its great foldability allows you to travel without any hassle of carrying and store easily.
  • High-quality, smooth fabric is used to make the seat and the backrest.
  • GYMENIST provides you with a 1-year warranty on FOLD-110B.

Great For:

  • Crunches
  • Situps
  • Decline Press

Flat Position Exercises:

  • Bench Press
  • Dumbbell Row
  • Triceps Extension
  • Pushups
  • Bicep Curls
  • Step-Ups
  • Leg Raises Bench Dips

Incline Position Exercises:

  • Inclined Press
  • Military Press

We only mentioned a few exercises. There are many more exercises FOLD-110B can do in unique ways. According to your body shape and necessity, you can choose to do your type of experience. It is comfortable enough to make you feel super easy while exercising. Continuing your training, you will stay in shape & improve your endurance. Also, it will help you burn your fat. For people who want to burn, this machine would be an ideal start to get into quality exercise.


Model Name‎FOLD-110B
Included ComponentsExercise Bench, Back Pillow
Sport Type‎Exercise & Fitness
Dimensions34″L x 18″W x 10″H
Weight Capacity550 Pounds
Back Positions6
Seat Positions3
Weight29.9 pounds

Gymenist exercise bench foldable review: Pros and Cons

Gymenist Exercise Bench Foldable Review


  • The seat is adjustable, sturdy, and robust.
  • Great foldable designed
  • Free cushion for the back
  • The bench comes assembled
  • 600lb capacity and portable


  • Adjustment times slow down by the pin lock adjustment method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What person’s height does the bench support?

A: Even to a person of 6’5″, it comes fine. It might start to get a bit too small above that height.

Q: What is the folded size?

A: It is about 2 feet 9 inches in height, 9 inches in thickness, and about 18 inches in width.

Q: What materials are the leg pads covered with?

A: They are covered with foam. Though it holds your legs firmly, you will find it very comfortable. 

Q: What is the total length of seat and back support?

A: The seat is 14.5″, back 31.5″ and the gap between is about 2′. So the total is about 48″.

Gymenist exercise bench foldable review: User Experience

I was a good student back at my school. I had a scholarship for University. So I was studying abroad. I couldn’t make new friends because I was giving most of my concentration to the study. So it’s like I got habituated with a life where only I exist even after graduation when I come home. I’m also gained weight, and I was pretty disturbed by it. I had no way or time to exercise. 

I had a weakness in gymnastic arts though I never had time to get in touch with it. A few months ago, I was thinking of starting with something to lose weight and have a healthy physique. One of my friends suggested that I start with an exercise bench. ‎I wasn’t sure which one I should get. I found the FOLD-110B affordable and, considering its quality; it came reasonably to me. 

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Its smooth fabric gives me a very comfortable touch. I don’t know why I find this so interesting. It is all friendly with my 6fit height, and I never had to compromise my comfort with this bench. I tried different exercises with it, and I found a tremendous result. Within these months, I reduced a lot of my weight. I had to I was so depressed those days with my weight. I couldn’t do much stuff like any random person. The thing is, a machine never reduces weight but forcing fats to burn does. FOLD-110B helped me do this.

I am just so happy now. FOLD-110B became my daily part now. I could hit the gym, but I wasn’t interested enough. I am an introverted person who is a bit uncomfortable outside. My desperation forced me to do the hard work. As I told you, I was so upset with my weight. I googled and tried YouTube to see the instructions on going first according to my physical ability.

I must say I tried hard. but I wasn’t so sure if it would come good or not—about 15 kilograms in these months I have reduced. My experience went so well with FOLD-110B. I am delighted to share my experience through the gymenist exercise bench foldable review.

Conclusions: Gymenist exercise bench foldable review

This product has a good review globally. Our research tells us that it is one of the best exercise benches around. All we want from this review is that people would be more knowledgeable about their daily life purchases. In today’s world, all things are influenced by productivity. Your valuable time and money deserve to be better spent. So it is not wrong to expect the best product with your budget.

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We research to help you get the best product you can have. Also, we try to provide you with the knowledge that will ease your daily life complications with the commercial world. Knowing something somehow helps you to widen your vision of the everyday things you go into. So our motive is satisfied when even a little help can get you through our reviews.

However, we are grateful to all of you for your kind responses to our reviews. It motivates us to do more research for you. So thanks to you all again, and let us know how you feel about this gymenist exercise bench foldable review.

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