Flybird weight bench review

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Flybird weight bench review will expose some of the exclusive features of the equipment named flybird weight bench. The adjustable weight bench is an extremely versatile item of gym equipment. The moves you can do on it are nearly countless. An adjustable weight bench is important not only for weightlifting but also for doing core exercises. 

An adjustable weight bench is also crucial for those individual home gym owners who love to do a full-body workout. So It will be great if you have an adjustable weight bench at your home gym. The flybird adjustable workout weight bench is the best choice you can make. But sometimes people find trouble buying the flybird weight bench because of so many products in the market. 

But don’t worry, in this article we are going to demonstrate the flybird weight bench review that will make you buy the appropriate product you need.

If you have less time, you can buy without reading reviews:

Flybird weight bench review

Review articles are always helpful to know more details about a product. We hope our flybird weight bench review will let you know more and more details that you were searching for. 

The Flybird weight bench is the best adjustable weight bench. It is very easy to move and simple to adjust. When you use a flybird adjustable workout weight bench you will find its stable and durable features that will make you satisfied. 

Flybird is a brand that produces fitness equipment. It is very popular, especially for weight benches. Flybird adjustable workout weight bench is suitable for a full-body workout at home because of its very simple design. It has a unique triangle structure that is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel. Also, it has 600 LBS weight capacity that ensures your safe fitness journey. 

Now, in this flybird weight bench review, I will be unraveling the detailed information of your favorite flybird weight bench. 

Products Specifications:   

Manufacturer Flybird
Product materialAlloy steel
Product color Black
User heightUp to 5feet 9 inch
Product weight8.5 kilograms 
Carton weight10 kilograms
Foam bench thickness 1.8 inch 
High-quality steel pipe thickness1.5 milometer 
Folded length30 inch
Product dimensionsL×W× H49.2× 15.7×44.5      Inches
Back positions 7
Seat positions 3
Footpad positions2
Weight capacity 600-700 LBS

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Key Features:

  • Highly adjustable bench: The flybird weight bench is designed with 3 seat position adjustments and 7 back position adjustments. It fits any user for a full-body workout. 
  • Save space: When you do not use the bench it can easily be folded up and kept under the bed or in the closet. So you don’t need extra space for your bench. It’s also very easy to carry anywhere.
  • Safe and comfortable: Flybird weight bench is very steady and durable. It is built with heavy-duty commercial quality steel. Flybird weight bench is safe for its enough load capacity.

Also, durable and soft leather seats are filled with dense foam pads which make your workout comfortable. 

  • Safe foot cover:  Foot covers are non-slip and do not hurt the floor because the foot bottom tube is covered with an enlarged rubber pad.
  • Very durable, made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel
  • Lots of adjustability with 3 positions for the seat bottom and 7 for the seatback
  • Comfortable design
  • Foldable and save space
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Have Non-slip foot covers
  • The bench is very high
  • Not suitable for a public gym 

Things to remember before buying a flybird weight bench

Flybird weight bench review

Flybird weight bench review plays a very positive role for bodybuilders. It’s one of the best sellers on the market. But don’t just buy it with your eyes closed. 

Before buying a flybird weight bench, you need to remember some important things. 

Fitness goal: 

If your fitness goal is related to your upper and lower muscles workout then the flybird weight bench is perfect for you. But if you have a weight training plan or something related to that then you shouldn’t buy this product.

Types of workout: 

Do you like to do only dumbbell and core workouts?  Alright, the flybird weight bench is more than enough for you. You will be satisfied with this product.  But if you want to do barbells then buying a flybird weight bench won’t be your right decision. You should buy equipment which has a dumbbell station and a barbells station in one.


Flybird weight bench is not suitable for tall people. This bench suits perfectly with a height of up to 5’9”. The height limit is frustrating for taller people for this product. 

Place for use: 

Flybird weight bench is a type of gym item which suits only your home gym. Don’t buy this product for your public gym.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is flybird a reliable brand?

A: Flybird produces various types of fitness equipment for 20 years. All products are designed with the help of experienced and professional coaches. So all products from flybird are very durable. Therefore, we can say that Flybird is a reliable brand for gym equipment.

Q: Flybird weight benches are good or not?

A: Flybird adjustable workout weight benches are built with heavy-duty commercial quality steel that has a very high weight load capacity. It can support 700 pounds. So it is great gym equipment for weightlifters. 

Q: Does the flybird weight bench have wheels for moving around? 

A: No, there are no wheels but the bench is foldable and light. Also, there is a rope,   So you can easily move your bench around. 

Q: Does a flybird adjustable weight bench need to be installed? 

A: No, not at all. No assembly is needed for this bench. The flybird bench is almost ready to use when you take it out of the box.


In this flybird weight bench review, we tried to provide you with all the necessary information about the flybird weight bench. Many people love the flybird. It’s very easy to use and takes limited space at your home. It’s very durable gym equipment that has all the essential features that make your dumbbell easy and enjoyable. So, don’t make mistakes buying a flybird weight bench, and have a good time with it.

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