Fitness Reality E5500XL User Experience & Reviews

Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical reviews provides you with various workout programs. It can be to track your fitness record and help you reach your goals. This leads to obtaining a perfect healthy in shape body. Includes a comfortable 18″ stride length, 24 levels of smooth magnetic tension resistance, and a stylish control computer. Therefore, you are free to accept any challenge you like.

Fitness Reality E5500xl reviews 

The Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer not only comes with a user-friendly interface but also with quite easy-going sleek and comfortable physique. So why shall you invest your time and money into this product? This is why we aim to provide you with relevant and essential information about it. We hope we might interest you in knowing further about our product review and to decide whether or not you want you may buy the Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer.

If you have less time, you can buy the product without reading the reviews:

Fitness Reality E5500xl reviews 

We’ve gathered some vital features and reputable user reviews to help provide you an insight into the equipment. We hope that our information and the preferred key features will provide you with a better understanding of the equipment.


Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer might be the perfect equipment to obtain a healthy fit body at home. When it comes to the cost of this product, it comes with a shockingly reasonable price, allowing this model to be a standout with its unique features. Value for money products are expected to provide top-notch performance and thus this elliptical trainer is nonetheless.

Our review of the Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer will focus on the important aspects of the equipment, such as design, functionality, electronic features, and aesthetics.

It’s a piece of exercise equipment that you can store in any corner of your home. The best usage of it is that it is quite beneficial when it comes to weight loss. As it was built using magnetic resistance, heavyweight capable foot pedals, and dual-action handlebars with pulse sensors. We will be presenting you guys with these key parts.


BrandFitness Reality
Resistance level24
Weight capacity270 lbs (122.5 kgs)
Item weight93 lbs (42.2 kgs)
Product dimensions57.5″ L x 24″ W x 66″ H
Design system2 flywheel and 2 belt
DisplayLCD backlit
Warranty1 year

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Key Features: Fitness Reality E5500XL Reviews

Double transmission system:

For an excellent aerobic workout fitness reality e5500xl elliptical trainer bought this system. That means it involves 2 flywheels and 2 belt systems. Therefore it gives smooth natural strides and makes it comfortable for users. It is a highly preferable system for any user who wants to boost their cardiovascular muscles. 

Three-piece cranking system:

For an ultra-comfortable workout, our fitness reality e5500xl magnetic elliptical trainer review will include another best feature. High-end performance by fitness reality e5500xl gives a continuous momentum.

Dual-action handlebars:

The fitness reality e5500xl review includes dual-action handlebars with pulse sensors. By providing a complete upper body workout, this part will ensure you achieve your goals. Sensing pulses while riding the machine can give you the mental strength to go further. 

Large anti-slip pedals:

A very necessary part are the wide pedals that reduce strain on thighs. This prevents any foot slippage. Also, the pedals reach 6 inches above the ground to maximize safety. 

Extended leg stabilizers:

This provides further stability when the equipment is being used. As you may have known while running on the machine fast, there is a chance to have motions. For not experiencing it, they have added this feature.

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Backlit LCD Display:

Keeping track of your exercise is important. Distance traveled, time elapsed, calories burned, current rpm, and speed pulse can be seen on the monitor. For noting it all together, fitness reality brought this essential part. 

3 goal settings:

If you want to cover any certain distance, you can pre-note it on the modern monitor. This goes for time and calories as well. To sum it all up, you can have a goal to run a certain distance at a certain time and burn calories.

Device holder:

Something to hold your devices while training is truly needed. Thus, fitness reality e5500xl magnetic elliptical trainer reviews didn’t forget to include this necessary item.

Transportation wheels:

You may know how heavy this item is. So, to move it from one part to another, you will need support. For that help, fitness reality added wheels beneath the equipment for you to move it easily. 

Suitable for any heights:

Anyone whose height is between 5ft to 7ft, can easily fit in the machine. Having 57.5 lengths, the machine is viable for losing weight. Therefore it includes large pedals and long handlebars for common height people.

Pros and Cons of Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer


  • Perfect for low-impact training
  • Best way to get rid of calories
  • Less pain in joints or recovering from joints injury
  • Can also work in reverse stride
  • Work on particular leg muscles
  • Body balance improvement 
  • Great option to recover from injuries
  • Different modes and resistance level
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Increases your stamina


  • Takes up a lot of space in considering a gym equipment
  • Not fit for all sports

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Fitness Reality E5500XL Reviews : Buying Guides


Our purpose is to inspire you guys about buying Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer. We have researched all the consequences that might happen to you before buying. After reviewing the product, we have noted some key points that might come to your mind before buying the product.

As we want you to take the right decision before purchasing the product. We hope to deliver the right knowledge about buying this product. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the guides.

Always try an equipment before buying:

This advice is to make sure you can rely on your fitness exercise on it. Also whether you can maintain it well. You can test yourself on elliptical equipment first then consider buying it.

Don’t judge the quality just by looking:

It is important for you to test your own equipment before buying. Check whether it suits you or not. If the quality dissatisfies you, you’re free to replace the product. 

Make sure the monitor attached to it is working properly:

When you train on your muscles, it is necessary to keep track of the right numbers. Test how the machine checks your heart rate, pulse rate and keeps track of time.

Resistance levels should be smooth to switch:

As you will get used to the elliptical machine, you’re likely to increase the resistance level. Thus, inspect if each level gives a different feeling.

Plan space to keep the machine before buying:

As the elliptical machine is long, it’s better to fix a place to keep it. Move other furniture if needed. That helps you to take less pressure when it arrives at your home. 

Warranty, warranty, and warranty:

You may not expect any parts to damage within a year. But what’s the evidence? This is why never forget to collect the warranty card. 

So yeah, that rounds it all up! When you buy this model, make sure to keep all the points above in mind. These are the situations you have to face before buying the product. We have tried to let you guys know the buying guides. Now, do respond if we could review logical points. That will motivate us in bringing more reviews in the future. 

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Frequently Asked Questions from Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer

  1. Can this machine be used without bothering the neighbors?

Magnetic-resistant equipment makes very little or no noise while riding. It isn’t that loud as you think you’ll disturb your neighbors!

  1. Is it true that buying this elliptical machine will bring the gym to my home?

When you have a full-body workout from only a machine, is it not the same as a gym? Definitely, it is! It both works on your upper and lower body.

  1. Are flywheels necessary to be heavy?

Heavier flywheels are stable. And stability gives you higher inertia. A good thing is that Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer already comes with a weighty flywheel.

  1. Which parts of the machine can be replaced?

For minor problems, some bearings can be replaced. But all the parts of the equipment should be available from the store you’ll buy from.

  1. What if I spill water on my console?

The LCD monitor provided is not water-resistant. However, if it’s just some splash of water, you can dry clean it with a cotton rag. 

Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer: User Experience

Our aim is to provide a positive experience for loyal users. We do this to let you guys know if the product is viable. The person we have selected to let his experience know has already been in every situation after buying the product. With his honest perspective, you can judge whether to buy the product or not. Let’s hear him!

Hello, I’ve been using Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer for nearly a year or two. Great thing is that it still works the same as day one. Since I bought it, I’ve been witnessing the effectiveness of this useful equipment. I used to be an obese person but after using it for longer than a year, I’ve overcome my difficulties. As far as I remember, in my early period, I faced a hard time in being easy with the product.

It seemed to be much heavier than it can hold but its weight resistance is top-notch. The more I rode it, the more my muscles got stronger. I lost about 30kgs and can’t thank Fitness Reality for bringing such a useful model. I encourage everyone to join training in their full body with the help of this elliptical machine. Therefore I’m a satisfied user of Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer. 

Here we have heard a user of Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer letting us know his experience of the product. If he gets benefitted, why won’t you? We urge all the people who are thinking of being fit, to try this product at least once. 


That’s where we come in. We have done the heavy lifting for you by reviewing Fitness Reality E5500xl Elliptical Trainer. We’ve compiled a comprehensive database of unbiased elliptical evaluations so you can make an educated choice about the best model for you. 

All the fitness reality e5500xl magnetic elliptical trainer reviews were brief. But comprehensive enough for you to understand the most significant aspects of the machine so you can compare and contrast features, design, and price. We hope you have found a model that is appropriate for both your training needs and your body type.

Are you ready to begin your search? To locate the elliptical that will improve your life, look through our buyer’s guide and fitness reality e5500xl reviews.

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