Top 6 Best Women’s Lifting Gloves Reviews and Buying Guide

The Best Women’s Lifting Gloves article is here to show you the importance of gloves while lifting weight. We will also demonstrate some of the best lifting gloves, especially for women. 

Best Women's Lifting Gloves

Intense training such as weight lifting does a lot of improvement to the body. But it is also possible that you might get into some trouble while lifting weight or doing any heavy pushing and pulling open-handed. We highly recommend you get your hands on some weight lifting gloves if you’re new to weight lifting. Weight lifting gloves are extremely beneficial when you are looking for something that will support your hands and will prevent injuries.

So let’s see some of the best weight lifting gloves around for women.

1. Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

Cobra Grip is generally a unique concept though it was designed in 2017. It has gained its reputation among weight lifting users. You may get confused the first time with its design, but the designers assured that this glove is more beneficial for your hand because it not only performs the same as other gloves but is super friendly for users’ wrists and gathers all the grips in the base of your hand.

Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

Your first impression of the cobra grip would be it is super flexible. Its Velcro strap is extended two inches long. It actually gets you the maximum stability you need. It gives the best performance in both pushing and pulling. However, this certain glove is known for being the best overall. The nicest thing you will notice about Cobra Grips is you can spin your hand around. 

Cobra Grips are unique in design and better in providing performance. We have to say, Cobra Grips makes an honouring place in the Best Women’s Lifting Gloves article, as it’s one of the uniquely best gloves among the user.


Brand Name‎Grip Power Pads
Item Weight‎0.71 Pounds
Grip Size ‎One Size
Grip TypeRubber
Sport TypePowerlifting
Model Year2017

Key Features:

  • Strong, adjustable wrist straps
  • Large paddle
  • Great range of motion

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality materials
  • Comfortability and high durability
  • Excellent padding for additional palms protection
  • Comes with built-in wrist straps
  • Provides an easy performance to a wide array of motion
  • Provide extra stability to support grip
  • Various colours to choose from


  • Not recommended for washing machine

2. RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves

Leather materials have been used to make the RIMSports for Weight Lifting Gloves. The leather materials are commonly known for their long durability.

The RIMSports for Weight Lifting Gloves provides super comfort to your hands because their rich materials are designed to do so. Another big consideration about choosing a lifting glove is if it’s protective to palms from any general issues. You can let go of all your worries if you have The RIMSports for Weight Lifting Gloves.

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This glove comes with wrist wraps that will restrain any higher pressure on your wrist. You will find various finger lengths according to your hand. This is ideally one of the Best Women’s Lifting Gloves out there that features so well.


Brand NameRIMSports
Item Weight‎0.2 Pounds
MaterialLycra, Spandex, Leather
SizeXS, S, M, L, XL
Colour10 options
Sport TypeExercise and Fitness
Wrist wrapsYes

Key Features:

  • Superior leather construction 
  • Thick cushioning 
  • Wide velcro strap
  • Flexible and soft material

Pros and Cons


  • Premium material ensures the best comfort and durability
  • Provide additional surface support with thick cushioning
  • Offer a full array of motion
  • Securely fit with velcro straps
  • Slip preventing design ensures a stronger and firmer hold
  • Versatility and diversity
  • Breathable padding to prevent sweat
  • Can be washed by hands for a long time without having any issue


  • Need to be washed before use because some debris can shed

3. ihuan Wrist Wrap Support Weight Lifting Gloves 

High-quality silicone neoprene is used to make these gloves and breathable microfiber for the back of the hand. This material provides your lifting with maximum grip and protects your palm from any harm.

ihuan Wrist Wrap Support Weight Lifting Gloves 

Usually, people find serious issues with ordinary gloves such as calluses and blisters. ihuan Wrist Wrap Support Weight Lifting Gloves makes sure that their products must have perfection in material use and capabilities. Its medium size finger length makes it suitable for almost every size of a hand. A combination of all these features create maximum comfort for your hand and protect you from injury during lifting as well.


Sport TypeWeight lifting, exercise, and general workout
SizeS, M, L, XL
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Closure TypeHook and Loop
Colour2 options

Key Features:

  • Full palm protection
  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Silicone neoprene material 
  • Velcro straps included

Pros and Cons


  • Great addition of built-in wrist wraps
  • Soft, lightweight, breathable, and durable material
  • Protect palms fully
  • Velcro straps help easy tighten or loosen
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Can be used for different exercises
  • Comfort and ventilation


  • Available in only two colours

4. Meister MMA Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves

The first thing anyone would find of a glove is its grip capacity. MMA Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves make sure of that. It has a non-slip design that will not only give you a confident grip but will enhance your lifting performance.

Arama leather is known as a durable material. high-quality Arama leather is used to make MMA Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves. You can wash it as you want. Even the washing machine powder will cause no harm to it. It has breathable material on the side of the hand so you can let go of the worries of being your hand wet from sweat. The gloves complications come often with the fitting of it. It also has an adjustable length design to fit your hand comfortably.

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However, its delicate design protects your palm areas, wrist and gives you a strong enough grip that you actually need. You can easily pull on or off the fingers out of the gloves when needed.

So, overall this glove is better in its material, built and performance. That actually drags the interests of the weight lifters.


BrandMeister MMA
MaterialArama leather
Sport TypeWeight lifting, Crossfit & general workouts
SizeXS, S, M, L, XL
Colour3 options
Wrist WrapsNo
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎10 x 10 x 10 inches

Key Features:

  • Non-slip grip
  • Arama leather padding 
  • Wide range of application and motion
  • Pull taps construction 
  • Particularly designed for women 

Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for different workout purposes
  • Premium material and 100% washable
  • Breathable and flexible padding
  • Pull Taps design eases adjusting the length
  • Prevent slip during lifting
  • Thick cushioning to protect full palms


  • They seem to be a bit loosen for small hands

5. Contraband Pink Label 5537 Half Weight Lifting Gloves

Some certain materials are somehow sometimes the choice of some users. For a lifting glove, you must find your necessary grip and your comfort. Different materials differ in performance. So choosing the right material is important. The Contraband Pink Label 5537 Weight Lifting Gloves understand what is better for users. They use durable silicone rubber to make this glove along with other strong materials such as high-quality mesh material, leather which resists sweat to keep your hand dry for better performance. 

The Contraband Pink Label 5537 Weight Lifting Gloves allow you to move your hand freely. It prevents slipping calluses and blisters although it comes in a half design. This half design is a new concept to the users. But its designers assure that this model will enhance further their experience and serve them the best. You can easily put your hand into it and get it out.


Brand Contraband Pink Label
Materials Polyester, Leather
Sport TypeWeight lifting and other workouts
Colour4 options
Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
Size XS, S, M, L

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy removal finger taps design 
  • Silicone padded palm 
  • Breathable mesh keeps hands dry

Pros and Cons


  • Don’t need to pre-wash before using
  • High-quality materials
  • High-class silicone rubber on the palms
  • Easy to adjust the tightness with straps
  • Can be used for various exercises
  • Breathable and non-slip design


  • Not as durable as traditional leather

6. KANSOON Breathable Workout Weight Lifting Gloves

The KANSOON Breathable Workout Weight Lifting Glove is another Best Women’s Lifting Glove in this market.

A super-light micro palm is a material you might expect for your hand gloves. It is durable and protects your hands from any issues that will bother your lifting. Also, an anti-slip gel design is a great addition. Its breathable mesh allows sweat to evaporate which improves your lifting workouts. You will find it interesting that these women’s weight lifting gloves allow you to do various functions such as gym, training CrossFit, rowing, biking, and other general workouts. Velcro straps will help you adjust your wrist easily.

We always recommended you to be careful about the size of the glove measuring your hand. Because the gloves will do the work but right fitting comfort enhances the perfection. Try buying one or two sizes larger than your hand.


MaterialMicrofiber, Spandex
Sport TypeWeight lifting and other workouts
SizeXS, S, M, L, XL
Suggested Users‎Women’s, Unisex-adult, Men’s
Wrist WrapsNo
Colour2 options

Key Features:

  • Non-slip and thick palm design 
  • Quick wearing and removal 
  • Stretchy and breathable mesh 
  • Adjustable Velcro straps

Pros and Cons


  • Anti-skid design to provide additional grips
  • Flexible and durable materials
  • Thick padding to prevent calluses and blisters
  • Easy-to-adjust Velcro straps for the perfect fit
  • Resist sweat with breathable top mesh
  • Pull buckles design to easy take-off


  • They may get stretchy over time, causing a bit of loose

Best Women’s Lifting Gloves – Buying Guide

Buying a women’s glove is easy but choosing the right one requires some considerations such as size, material, and finger length. This section of the Best Women’s Lifting Gloves article will help you find out the best lifting glove for women.

1. Gloves Fitting

Your lifting performance depends on how comfortable your gloves are. You must find the ones that fit nicely. A too-tight fit will bother your hands while moving your fingers or adjusting your palms. This will only demolish your confidence and increase your risk of injury because a tight grip weakens the hand capability.

Normally, women’s hands are smaller than men. So you need to be a little serious while choosing the fittest size for your hands. Try getting one size larger than your hand. If you don’t find the right fit of gloves unisex sizes could be an option.

2. Choose the Right Material

There are many materials gloves can be made with. But the right one for you depends on your circumstances.

Neoprene is such a material that is quite flexible and durable. The flexibility helps your grip to be more strengthful. You will find more confidence in your grip on this material.

Another great feature of Neoprene is its breathability. It won’t let your hand get wet during heavy workouts, instead, it will keep your hands dry.

Leather materials are used for the toughest workouts. It protects your palms more than any other material. Though it isn’t breathable. Today’s gloves are coming with a combination of different materials. There are also leather gloves in the market that are combined with other materials to enhance more flexibility, breathability and durability.

As the Best Women’s Lifting Gloves manufacturer considers all these facts before designing their products, it’s possible that you may find the same gloves with different models.

3. Wrist Supports

Wrist wraps or thick bands work like additional support. More specifically, when you are lifting heavy weights you might consider getting wrist wraps. When you wrap it around your wrist you feel your wrist has more strength. 

However, wrist wraps aren’t essential when you are not doing heavy pulling workouts, but sure we recommend you wrist wraps when you’re going for heavy workouts.

4. Finger Length

The necessity of different finger lengths varies with your circumstances.

You will find both covered and uncovered finger gloves in the market. Now you need a reason why you need which one.

Full finger covered gloves are ideal for people who live in cold climates. You know that in a cold climate, it’s important to keep yourself warm by wearing as much as possible. We don’t recommend using these for warm climates because in warm climates you sweat a lot that bothers your lifting performance.

So you know the difference now. So choose the right gloves according to your circumstance.

5. Padding Gloves

Choosing the right amount of padding is a little confusing.

Padding actually protects your palms but according to your job, it is wise to choose the right padding. While lifting heavy weights you might not want thicker padding. Because it is your palms that deal with the pressure. Also, fatter paddings could cause you to increase in sweat. When you are doing normal pull-ups thicker padding would be an ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Best Women’s Lifting Gloves article answers some questions that you may find common as yours.

Q. Should you wear weight lifting gloves?

A. Weight lifting gloves are very useful when you’re struggling with grip strength. Basically, when you are pulling or pushing something, you are putting an unusual weight on your palms. To resist all the possible issues, weight lifting gloves do a very good job. So yes, you should wear weight lifting gloves to protect your hands.

Q. Do you prevent calluses?

A. The best way to prevent calluses while doing a weight struggling job is wearing weight lifting gloves. It is natural that when you are doing something with an open hand that has a serious impact on your hands can cause you calluses. Gym gloves or weight lifting gloves cover your hand and give you the ability to do hard work preventing calluses or any other issue.

Q. Do gym gloves protect wrists?

A. There are several types of lifting gloves or gym gloves out there. Mostly all of these have wrist support. Some of these have wrist wraps that strengthen the wrist to allow heavy lifting. Gym gloves are ideal to protect wrists as they are designed to do this.

Q. How do you increase grip strength?

A. When you hold something with open hands, you know approximately how much grip you can get. The thing about lifting a glove is it’s designed to provide a strengthful grip. Most of these gloves are made with rubber materials. Also, gloves allow the user’s hands to remain in the form and provide maximum strength. So lifting gloves helps you to increase grip strength.

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We have mentioned some of the Best Women’s Lifting Gloves in this article that have the highest quality in build and materials. People get often confused while buying the fittest lifting glove. They make mistakes in some cases. We have described a few important guidelines to choose the best lifting glove for you.

We went as thoroughly as possible. So, We hope that this article will help you out in choosing the most suitable lifting glove for you. Thanks for being with us.

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