Best Rowing Machines Under $500 (Buying Guide)

Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article tends to help you with information that will help you while choosing the fittest rowing machine for you. As in this modern world, indoor fitness training has become very famous, there have been many sports equipment manufacturers that have gotten into manufacturing rowing machines in the past decade. 

If you have less time to check it without reading the review!

There are different types of rowing machines with different features out there in the market. It might be a little confusing while choosing the best budget rowing machine for you if you don’t know much about it. Our statistic came out with some incredible built rowing machine under $500. Let’s find those out.

Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Best Rowing Machines Under $500

1. Obsidian Surge Water Rowing Machine

Obsidian Surge Water Rowing Machine provides you with a top-quality workout. You will find your workout experience with Obsidian Surge 500 WaterRower engaging and challenging. A study on rowing machines indicates that without the joint impact of other conventional cardio exercises, they can work up to 85% of the body’s muscular system. It is able to burn a huge amount of calories in a shorter period. 

Obsidian Surge Water Rowing Machine

You have a lot of other extreme features included in this model. A well built flawless perfection you will find when using. However, Obsidian Surge Water Rowing Machine will help you elevate your workout and be more efficient. Honestly, we felt so at ease while putting especially this one in our Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article.

Specifications: Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Weight Capacity300 lb
Drive SystemSmooth Belt
Warranty3-year structural frame 180 days other
HandlebarNon-slip HD Handlebar
PedalsNon-Slip Foot Pedals
Racing Programs15
R2 Fitness MeterCalories, Calendar, Temperature, Time, and more
BladesHigh-Density Hydro Blades
Floor stabilizersYes
Water Tank1-6 Fillable Levels Adjustable Water Tank

Key Features

  • It has a built-in R2 Fitness Meter which accurately tracks all essential workout metrics
  • Slide Rail Length 42 inches. Slide Rail Inseam. 38 inches
  • The harmonious interaction of 16 fan blades with the water provides  unlimited resistance
  • The moulded padded seat is designed to be comfortable and functional.
  • It has non-marking high-density rubber wheels that are perfect for easy transport and storage.
  • Max user weight 300 lb


  • Smooth, quiet water resistance
  • Adjustable water level provides strong resistance
  • Great price for a water rowing machine
  • A multi-function monitor is great for the price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy upright storage to save space
  • 17.0″ seat height for great comfort
  • Easy assembly


  • No backlight on monitor
  • No heart rate monitor
  • Average warranty

2. SNODE Water Rowing Machine

Health Driving Force is the core concept of SNODE and they are dedicated to providing better. Less is more is the basic principle they consider before designing their products.

best rowing machines under 500 dollars

SNODE produces a safe and effective workout experience for end-users and high-quality fitness products as well. 

Rowings are primarily known for boosting the heart rate not impacting too much on the joints. Now with the SNODE WR100 water rowing machine, you can take your rowing experience to the next level. Its function engages most of the body muscle of the user.

Also, the fluid water drum and 16 hydro blades provide limitless progressive resistance. Its ergonomically designed seat precision gives absolute smoothness when mounted on bearings and rollers. As this one is an absolute classic, it deserves its place in Best Rowing Machines Under $500.

Specifications: Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Assembled Dimensions79L x 20W x 36H inches
Supported Weight331 lbs
FrameAlloy Steel
Resistance TypeWater
Exercise MeterTime, strokes per minute, calories and more
Display TypeLCD
ExtrasDevice holder
Tank3-4 gallon

Key Features

  • Constructed with polycarbonate to provide solid performance and durability.
  • Has 16 hydro-blades that simulate the real water rowing experience.
  • The LCD monitor to assist you with information.
  • The scan mode displays all data in turns.
  • The rower machine provides almost a whole-body cardio workout. It works on your major muscle groups.
  • Includes adjustable foot straps and anti-sweat handlebars. 
  • Free FITLOG App for iOS and Android devices for interactive personal training at home, more data can be tracked on it such as SPM, 500M PACE and WATT.
  • Free tutorials to create your training plan on it.
  • Stand it up vertically
  • Built-in wheels in the foot tube to fold up and move it easily and storage against the wall. Saves space and saves time.


  • The strong metal frame supports users up to 331 lbs
  • Aesthetic design
  • Can be stored vertically
  • Transport wheels on the front base
  • Adjustable levellers on the rear stabilizer
  • Ergonomic, contoured seat
  • The ergonomic handle minimizes stress on the wrists
  • Comes with adjustable footrests with heel guards and straps
  • Long rail for users
  • The Water-resistance system simulates the most natural feel
  • Performance monitor included that tracks everything you need 
  • Goal settings for time, count, and distance
  • Angle-adjustable mount for performance monitor
  • Device holder included
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Little maintenance required
  • Easy to assemble.


  • HR strap is not included
  • No programs on the performance monitor

3. JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

For over thirty years, JOROTO has been dedicated to research on fitness equipment. They focus on building the highest quality and conforms to ergonomics. Their products let every customer be satisfied. The rhyme and harmony JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine contains in it will become a part of your body.

JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

You might be wondering that a quarter of an hour rowing is the same as three-quarters of an hour running. If you don’t have much time for exercise or go outdoors to have effective cardio workouts, the rowing machine is the best choice.

It will make it easy for you to reduce fat, enhance cardiopulmonary function, build muscles, shape your body and relieve stress with a quality rowing machine. As it engages all the body muscles and gives you a proper workout, to get the best result for a long-term project, you need to keep exercising regularly.

Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article gives you JOROTO Magnetic Rowing Machine, the best magnetic functioned rowing machine under $500.

Specifications: Best Rowing Machines Under $500

Resistance MechanismMagnetic with 10 levels
Maximum Weight Recommendation300 Pounds
Frame Material Aluminium
Product Weight53 lbs
Aluminum Flywheel Weight4.4 lbs
Product Dimensions71 L, 21 W, 36 H inches
DisplaysTime, Count, Calories, TotTotalcan
Sensor Double Sensor 
Pull CordNylon Material

Key Features

  • The combination of a high-quality solid aluminium flywheel, no-touch magnetic resistance and aluminium slide rail makes the workout quieter and smoother.
  • This is specially designed to put this rowing machine in a standing position and you will only have to spend less than 0.15 square meters of space for storage.  Also, there are dual caster wheels to move it easily to anywhere you want it to be. Just make sure that the children are away from the standing rowing machine.
  • It contains 10 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. the machine can be used for different workout plans for beginners or experts. It can fit different sizes of feet with adjustable non-slip pedals.
  • Adjustable digital monitor to give the most comfortable angle to read the display for you with different heights.
  • You will be able to track the time, count, total count, and calories with a digital monitor. You will also find a phone holder on the monitor. So, you can watch workout classes or multimedia while doing rowing workouts.
  • A wide seat and soft handlebar will make your rowing work out comfortable. There is a holder for a water bottle. Without plugging in you can use it at any time as the rowing machine does not need a plug.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Can be stored vertically to save space
  • Transport wheels integrated into the front base
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base
  • Padded and contoured seat for superior comfort
  • To eliminate most of the noise generated by the seat it has a mute track system
  • For comfort, pivoting footrests with heel guards along with adjustable straps
  • Its long rail can accommodate easily users up to 6’2″ height
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • Has 1 to 10 levels of resistance
  • The exercise meter included can track time, count, total count, and calories burned
  • Folding mount for the exercise meter
  • Tablet holder included
  • Bottle holder included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required


  • No pulse reading function
  • No backlight on the meter display

4. Women’s Health Men’s Health Rower Rowing Machine

This home use Women’s Health Men’s Health is built with a full-magnetic resistance system that features 14 difficulty levels. It has a long rail that is designed to be folded. A great monitor tracks all the necessary information with the MyCloudFitness app. Professional trainers consider it a pretty decent machine for a full-body cardio workout. This budget rowing offers more features than others when comparing.

Women’s Health Men’s Health Rower Rowing Machine

The Women’s Health Men’s Health Rower will make your home workout more enjoyable and effective. Unlike other rowing magnetic resistance functions work on the effort you are giving. The more effort you are giving the more resistance you are creating. To make your in-home workout fun and quiet, the Women’s Health Men’s Health Rower would be a nicer one.

Key Features

  • Free basic workout tracking is included on the MyCloudFitness App for 30 days.
  • For an easy or more challenging workout, it gives 14 Level DUAL TRANSMISSION magnetic tension resistance. 
  • Can be paired with the MyCloudFitness Chest Belt.
  • Comes with a .21.5″ EXTRA WIDE GRIP foam handlebar that provides comfortable grips
  • 250 lbs. weight capacity 
  • To ensure a smooth rowing experience, adjustable rear floor stabilizers prevent vibration.
  • 4 AA batteries included 
  • Ball-bearing rollers for smooth rowing strokes  
  • It has a large 3.5″ LCD monitor that displays all the information you need.
  • Adjustable strap rings and large anti-slip foot pedals to help adjust foot straps.
  • A 12″ L x 10″W large cushion seat provides extra comfort for a long session workout 
  • You can have a large range of motion with pivoting foot pedals


  • Sturdy metal frame support users up to 250 lbs
  • Folding design
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base bar
  • Transport wheels on the front stabilizer
  • Padded and contoured seat for optimal comfort
  • Supports up to 6’6″ users
  • Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 14 levels of resistance
  • Performance monitor included
  • 6 window on the monitor
  • Reads time counts calories and more
  • Phone holder included
  • Batteries for the console are included
  • Tools for the assembly are included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required


  • No pulse reading function
  • No backlight on the exercise meter

5. Stamina ATS Air Rower

The Stamina ATS Air Rower provides the strength-building, cardiovascular workout in a very decent way that you would be wondering. This model is the best air-functioning rowing in this budget. The Stamina ATS Air Rower comes with intuitive wind resistance which is pretty nice. You need to pull harder to get more resistance and slow down for less. It effectively targets all the major muscle groups of your and gives you a proper workout. It is quite efficient, smooth and comfortable.

what are the best rowing machines for home use

Though lacking in designing of air function resistance makes trouble with unnecessary sound, with this rowing you’ll experience the large comfort of a smooth rowing stroke. The oversized, angled seat rail eases workout and can accommodate users of all shapes and sizes. Also, the adjustable nylon straps offer enhanced stability.

So if your preferred type is air resistance. You can definitely go with this as the Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article found especially this one out as the best air functioned resistance rowing around and within budget.

Specifications: Best Rowing Machines Under $500

FeaturesFan, Foldaway/Compact, Timer, Speedometer, Calorie Monitor, LCD-Display
Maximum Weight Recommendation250 Pounds
Assembled Product Weight54 lbs
MaterialRubber, Steel
Sport/ActivityGym & Training
ProgramsFat Burning
Item HeightLarge

Key Features

  • This low impact work-out machine engages 86% of the body.
  • It always matches your pace. If you desire more resistance, you have to row harder and ease off when you want less resistance.
  • This large easy-read LCD monitor displays your routine, tracks speed, distance, time and calories burned.
  • The oversized angled rail and smooth-sliding seat gives optimal comfort. 
  • Floor protectors safeguard included
  • Built-in wheels and a folding frame make it easy to store.
  • Easy assembly
  • It Comes with a THREE-YEAR frame and ONE-YEAR parts warranty.


  • Smooth rowing and operation.
  • Increased comfort due to the soft seat.
  • Beautiful and functional monitor.
  • Safeguard floor protector
  • Foldable frame and built-in wheels


  • Noisiness
  • Intermittent startup of the machine

Types Of Rower Machine

Through the Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article, we will let you know about the types of resistance to allow you to decide which one is best for you.

Modern indoor rowing machines come in four distinct types. Though their motive is the same, their individual function built varies in performance providence. Knowing the types of rowing machines will help you understand how this function works. You will also be able to choose the best type for you considering your needs.

1. Hydraulic Rower

If space is a concern or the budget is tight and you want an economical indoor rower, the hydraulic rowing machine may be the best way for you to go with. The amount of air or fluid that’s compressed with a cylinder or piston provides the tension to the hydraulic rowing machines. Most models with hydraulic functions can be adjusted.

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Although the hydraulic based rower’s function doesn’t allow pulling in a straight line, the hydraulic piston rowers require you to be placed in an exercise position. It does not allow a natural rowing motion and that is why you are unable to synchronize your arm and leg movements together naturally.

2. Flywheel Rower

The flywheel rowing machine is also known as air rowing. Flywheel rowing machines simulate the feeling of outdoor rowing. The pulling motion provides its resistance by spinning the flywheel with fan blades. So the wind provides resistance.

The unique function of flywheel rowing machines is, the harder you pull the more resistance you increase.

This type of indoor rower provides a greater resistance with inbuilt fan blades working with the wind. Compared to hydraulic based rowing machines, users will experience a more natural, continuous, and smoother rowing stroke with air rowing machines.

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Air rowing machines are among the most popular flywheels. Fitness enthusiasts, health clubs, corporate fitness centres, and rehabilitation clinics as well use this indoor rowing machine for health, fitness and rehabilitation purposes.

3. Magnetic Resistance Rowers

Generally, a magnetic resistance fitness rowing machine is known to users for providing a smooth rowing stroke and being virtually silent. Magnetic rowing machines utilize a magnetic brake system unlike flywheel based indoor rowers because flywheel based indoor rowers receive resistance from the wind.

One of the greatest features of magnetic rowing machines you’ll notice is that they are quiet because magnetic resistance rowing machines produce no friction, unlike other rowers.

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Magnetic resistance machines are available with a combination of magnetic and air resistance and of course with only magnetic resistance.

4. The Water Rower

For those who participate in outdoor rowing, the water rower is surely an ideal rowing machine to win. The Water Rower flywheel emulates the boat moving dynamics through water that simulates the exact water rowing experience. By overcoming the effects of drag as water moves past the tank, the water rowers’ flywheel receives its resistance just like rowing outdoors.

When in use, this indoor water rower is also virtually silent. The only sound you hear is the swishing of the water as its flywheel is passing through the water and it is very low that gives a natural feel instead of bothering the user’s ear.

The construction of a wooden frame makes this rowing machine one of the most attractive models in the market. Also, there you will find a commercial version of the Water Rower built with a metal frame.

However, the water-based rowing machine is amongst the first-degree fitness fluid rowing machines.


This world market of competition brings us confusion with different marketing strategies. We often get confused when making a big purchase. We have given our best try through the Best Rowing Machines Under $500 article to help you get the best rowing machine options for you under $500. Thanks for reading this whole article. 

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