Best home gym equipment brands

TOP 9 Best Home Gym Equipment Brands

Best home gym equipment brands review will discuss some of the top brands of home gym equipment in the market. Exercise is vital for both our physical health and mental stability, but it is tough to maintain our tight schedule. That’s why working out at home benefits you the most, and it’s time-consuming.

Regularly working out at home keeps your body fit and makes you more creative than others who are not regular in the workout.  Starting training from home builds confidence and strength in yourself. But the question is, what is the reliable brand for a home gym? To get the answer to this question, stay with our best home gym equipment brands article till the end. 

Best home gym equipment Brands

Working out in the gym is an excellent habit, but sometimes life gets too busy, and you can’t make it there. That’s why it’s most important to have gym equipment from the best home gym equipment brands if you are serious about staying fit. So, let’s take a look at some of the top-rank brands of gym equipment. 

9 Top Brands for Home Gym Equipment

There are many home gym equipment brands available in the market. Among them, we are describing the nine best home gym equipment brands below. 

1. Echelon

If we talk about the best home gym equipment brands, then we can say Echelon is a well-known home gym equipment brand. It produces several high-tech home gym equipment. One of the most famous pieces of equipment for the echelon is the Connected Stationary Bike. This type of stationary bike fits comfortably into any living room of a house. 

The bikes feature a screen where you can watch all instructors that help you achieve your best workout. You can also monitor your workout performance with fitness apps such as Apple Health. You can expand your activities to include various training methods, such as yoga, boxing, HIIT, etc.

Echelon gives you a healthy life by providing the best home gym equipment. Workouts are always more rewarding when done correctly.  In addition, Echelon allows you to do the exercise with trending music and other facilities.

2. Nordic Track

NordicTrack also takes its place on the best home gym equipment brands, and this fitness brand includes high-class treadmills, bikes, elliptical, and strength machines that are very helpful for our daily lives.  NordicTrack has an interactive personal training system, and this is the main advantage of NordicTrack. It automatically adjusts your training machine’s speed, incline, or resistance that provides you a seamless workout experience. 

Another aspect of Nordic Track brands products is that it features personal trainers in beautiful outdoor settings. For example, videos feature stunning locations like New Zealand, Egypt, Easter Island, and others. You feel amazing to see these beautiful places during your workout at home gym. Those videos are also filmed to the highest standards featuring wide-angle shots that capture the breadth of the beauty of nature.

Additionally, with pre-recorded workouts, Nordic Track brands also allow you to tune into live training. You can monitor these live workouts on your treadmill, bike, or the tablet version of the iFit app. These live workouts may offer yoga and strength training as well as recovery options.

3. BowFlex

BowFlex brand has a great tagline that fulfills all our aspirations for our lives, “Be Fit for Life.” The BowFlexcompanystarted in 1986. It began with a simple idea of developing innovative methods to bring the best gym-quality results into the home. Among the best home gym equipment brands, BowFlex decides to skip over building conventional weight machines that can help to reduce space in your home. The idea will allow people to save time from going to the gym. 

BowFlexbrand continues its journey of innovative new equipment and has dedicated over 40 years to provide you with home gym equipment that allows you to get fit more effectively from home. For this, it is easier for people to lead a healthy and happy life. Bowflex’s brand aims to create a machine that can give you results quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you can get on with your day and live a healthier, happier, and  better life.” It aims to be the standard gold brand in the world of fitness. 

Bowflex offers its home gym for people of every size and shape. This brand is famous for providing extensive fitness products with great names such as MaxTrainers,  Lateralx, and  Body Tower. Bowflex brand gains multiple awards, including the ISPO 2018 Award in the health and fitness category.

4. TRX

Among our best home gym equipment brands list, TRX is also one of the top-rated home gym equipment brands that are very popular day by day. This brand has a fascinating history for its creativity. Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick, who created TRX, was developed in 1997. He has made the very first version of TRX with only a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing. In 2001. He also created the first version of the TRX suspension trainer. It has gained its popularity incredibly in a short time between both fitness trainers and athletes.

TRX has gained a million users in over 60 countries. Nowadays, you can see TRX suspension bands in gyms, large and small, worldwide.

TRX utilizes only seven basic movements: push, pull, plank, rotate, hinge,  lunge, and squat. These all movements are practiced by a well-trained trainer. Otherwise, if you master them alone, you can mix and match these movements by yourself for a great workout. TRX has proven that exercise with their equipment effectively burns fat, builds strength, and improves heart health. 

You can choose TRX without any hesitation if you want to buy any exercise pieces of equipment and you have sufficient space in your home. These bands are extreme and affordable and can bear your total weight easily. 

5. ProForm

The next brand on our best home gym equipment brands list is ProForm which offers various home workout equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, HIIT trainers,  rowers, etc. Same as  NordicTrack, ProForm also provides subscription services to iFit. iFit delivers a variety of workouts featuring trainers in various settings, including a beautiful natural outdoor environment. The iFit programs also help your trainer take control of your home gym equipment settings and control the resistance automatically.

ProForm is the best home gym equipment brand by providing three-year iFit family membership apart from the other fitness brands. When you choose ProForm fitness equipment and sign up for a three-year family membership, the kit will become yours after three years. It is a fantastic option if you have a small amount of money and you have preferred to pay small amounts for your fitness needs over a more extended period instead of a large amount at the point of purchase.

You can use the iFit app to control and customize your workout at home. It is a popular and modern system that fitness enthusiasts around the world love. So it is proved that you can easily choose the ProForm brand as the best home gym equipment brand that gives you a healthy and happy life.

6. Octane

Octane is a brand among the best home gym equipment brand that is very useful and makes our lives healthy and more manageable. WhenOctene comes as home fitness equipment, it does not need high-impact training. You can easily do exercise with octane, and this brand of home gym equipment can help you get your heart rate up and help you lose weight, leading to injuries. 

Octane was founded in 2001 to create the best elliptical machines in the world.  Octane brand always produces unique products—octane brand recognized global leader in manufacturing high-quality elliptical equipment.

So, Octane brand has a free fitness app that allows users to customize their workouts and track progress. Octane has won the 125 Best Buy awards and satisfied customers from all over the world.

7. BalanceFrom

One of the most recent home gym fitness brands included on our best home gym equipment brands list is BalanceFrom. This fitness brand was founded in 2016. Quickly,  it has become a leading domestic supplier of exercise and fitness products through the newcomer’s brand. All products are sold under different brands such as BalanceFrom, HulkFit and essentials that can be found on Amazon and Walmart.Thousands of Americans and other countries love to do exercise with their gym equipment every day.

Among all their products on Amazon, GoFit High-Density Treadmill Exercise Bike Equipment Mat and GoYoga+ Yoga Mat are famous most. They can absorb vibrations and reduce the noise created by all kinds of gym equipment.

The second product is the GoYoga+ mat which comes with a regular mat as well as a kneepad. It also has a double-sided non-slip surface that can prevent slipping-related injuries.

8. SoloStrength

This SoloStrength is a workout system that includes a total body workout system. SoloStrength offers a home workout setup that users can easily fit into their living room. The  Ultimate Doorway Gym and the  Ultimate Wall-Mounted  Gym are examples of their products of home gym equipment. These two products are 39 adjustable height levels that give you maximum range during your workout period. You can compromise these workout equipment into the existing structures of your room to minimize the space that they take up.

The most vulnerable product of SoloStrength is their Ultimate Freestanding Gym. It is also their signature product among these home gym equipment that they discovered. It comes with floor-level adjusters so that you can achieve maximum stability during your workout period. You also have the options in this product to monitor your workout time, burnt calorie count, pulse rate, etc.

SoloStrength’s home gym equipment has so many advantages. Such as –

  • They help users to build lean muscle and strengthen joints and bones safely. 
  • Only 15-20 minute workout programs with these products are expertly curated. 
  • These can be used with other fitness products, such as TRX,  Bosu, exercise balls, and other fitness accessories.
  • It also allows you to gain free access to their Speedfit Training app, an online database system of reference material, exercises, and complete training programs regularly updated.
  • These home gym equipment products are suitable for cardio. So the SoloStrength brand gives you a healthy and sound life.

9. Gaiam

Last but not least, on our best home gym equipment brands list is Gaiam. Gaiam is a unique brand that produces high-quality, well-designed yoga, fitness, wellness gear, etc. Gaiam’s brand aims to share the joy of yoga with you, add balance to your life, and keep your body and mind fresh.

Their signature product of Gaiamis is yoga mats. Yoga mats give a classy look apart from their competitors with their colorful and calming design. You will see the carpet has a bright print on both sides. You can feel that you are sitting on a charming piece of art while doing your yoga session.

These yoga mats are lightweight and thick, providing an extra cushion for your joints during your yoga time. The yoga mats also remain a sticky and non-slip texture that gives you a superior grip on the mat during your exercise period. These yoga mats are also environment friendly and healthier to use due to their non-toxic and 6p free. Gaiam also offers a free bonus downloadable yoga workout with each purchase of a yoga mat.

Gaiam offers some yoga accessories, such as yoga blocks and puzzle foam tiles. The other popular category of products from Gaiam is the balance ball. Balance balls help stretch and strengthen your body that is a significant part of the exercise. The balance balls from Gaiam may be equipped with anti-burst technology and include an air pumping system that helps to set up quickly.


One of the most significant barriers to exercise nowadays is finding the time to do it. While packing and unpacking a gym bag, driving time to and from the gym, and waiting in line for machine time, you can efficiently complete half of your workout at home.

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So you can save time with money if you have a gym set up at your home. You can pick the best-suited gym item for your home from our list of best home gym equipment brands. Undoubtedly, you will have the perfect exercise environment at home apart from the professional gym, and you can enjoy your home gym workout with your family.

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